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Monday, March 24, 2008

haha! hi everyone! i'm here to post about the dunman high co concert:) and i think wei shan will post about chew fei's birthday party:D
haha. ok. so the concert started with 《旱天雷》and followed by another 大合奏 which is 《秦王破阵乐》. i think these two songs were not very very nice... and according to xinyi and cass, the orchestra were not together... after that was a dizi solo,《水乡船歌》, i think it was good and the soloist was quite pro...right? then was 《三门峡畅想曲》by the erhu emsemble. i went to the toilet when they were playing this, so i didn't get to hear much... but i think the erhu's 音不太准。after the erhu was the cello emsemble representing 《新春乐》, i think this piece was a bit wierd, cos 《新春乐》是一首很中国风的歌曲,但大提琴演奏起来中不中洋不洋的,怪怪的:( then was the percussion piece! since it's wind and percussion ensemble, so it's not entirely percussion. 他们的台风很不错,但是技术上还有待加强(反正比我想象的要差一点啦...)。then was intermission. after that were two guzheng ensemble pieces and one plucking ensemble piece. i have no comments on that, since i cant really remember... then the suona piece... i think they were very pro and i like their 台风:) i think a lot of people dont like to play suona, but i think they were very enthusiatic, i think that's very good:) the concert ended with another two 大合奏. i cant comment on those much cos i fell asleep. but of course i slept only for like 3 minutes... anyways, they were quite nice right? ah well, the concert actually didnt end so fast, there were still encores... i think for the encore part, they just anyhow play... they didn't really care about it...

all in all, they could have worked harder and performed better, and most impirtantly, they should have tuned thier instruments!

p.s. i hope people from dunman high dont see this post... they wont right? and oh! i'm really really excited about our co concert!!!

by yunge-the-heechul-stalker:D

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