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Sunday, March 02, 2008
hello everyone! joy is here to post about fridayyy. on dazu & the SCO concert!

ok cca during friday involved huibao and taiyang practice. i don't think i should be commenting on the other huibao people, so i shall just say a few words on weishan and my xi3 xun4! hmm, it was generally well done, although the best part was only the first half of the song, because according to Mrs Ee, we had good dynamics at the beginning, but towards the end the they were displayed less frequently. i remember Qulaoshi also being very particular about our dynamics, so i guess that's one of the areas we can improve on. um, in the middle of the song, we sort of started playing different things, but i think weishan bounced back rather well. from where i sat, i thought it was handled well, because we didn't really start panicking and all. according to sylvia, we made it look like "it was supposed to be like that"! so woozah for us (: and at the final part, i think it shows that we still lack practice on the song, because of the atrocious number of wrong notes we played, during the.. you know, the part with huge intervals. but anyways, Mrs Ee had some nice comments for us, and some constructive ones too, so i guess this huibao did meet its objectives.

after huibao was taiyang! whee. i haven't played my diluo for a long time so i was quite excited. (but i still went home with a bad muscle ache-.-) hmm, i don't know what you guys think, but i know rachel and i think that taiyang was rather good, except like Mrs Ee pointed out, a number of parts were a little too loud. but anyways, since we have been practicing sha di er all this while, our daji performance in dazu was still within acceptable range! so yay everyone.

moving on! after dazu, we had canadian pizza! yummy stuff. after that, we sort of made a mad dash for SCH. 99.999% of our journey consisted of mad sprinting and people going "AHHHH THAT WAS MY LAST PUSH" "AHHHH STILL RUNNING?!" "AHHH DON'T RUN!" "AHHHH MORE STEPS!!".. ok fine maybe a lot of those came from me, but ehehehee. hmm, so we took MRT to raffles then transferred to red line. seriously, there was someone beside jaime that looked like Mas Selamat on the train. i kept looking at him then i turned to jaime and i was like " *pokepoke* have you seen the picture of the terrorist!" then she was like yeah, then i said "the person next to you looks like him leh!" then she turned and saw him and went "ehehehehe". seriously he looked like him! ok he's more goodlooking than him lah, but.. i think they resemble each other 85%. and he was holding this black bag and had the e_e look on his face, but he wasn't limping. awwww. such a pity i didn't get the chance to display my awesome kungfu moves.

when we got down the train, more mad running! ran all the way from the mrt station to the pavements then across the road and into the air conditioned SCH ahhh (: ok whee! lets talk about the SCO concerrrrrt.

generally, the concert was good! although both our instructors didn't play hugeeee parts or solos. but of course, our Qulaoshi was as professional as ever with her super精彩 and va-va-voom taifeng, and her hair flying everywhere. and our Tohlaoshi also displayed his proficient skills of playing the cha3s. and a small part on mallets as well! anyways, i thought the first item was nice. the song was nice, and i know xy's gonna say something about the diluo, because she's been saying that throughout the whole of the first song. pkshkhskdjksk ._. there were a few songs which were sleep inducing, cause the percussions didn't play a lot. aww. but i think one of the songs a lot of people stayed very awake for was the one with the skilled erhu player (bahaha, erhu instructor), and the reason why we simply can't take our eyes off her (or rather, a PART of her)(please twist back your twisted little minds and stop thinking sick) shall be kept confidential. but i know xy was laughing extremely hard throughout the song, and i can understand why she did that because i've been doing the same thing. it was just so.... lovely. she's just so good! the way she played the erhu at high speed and all the shaking and.. oops, i've said too much. that was just a little sneakpeek for y'all. but i think a lot of people saw it lah. it's definitely.. distracting enough. ok jokes aside, she IS a good erhu player, and i think she deserves credit for that, yea.(: so i think hmm we shouldn't have laughed that much during her performance, because we were not actually appreciating the music, but instead, we could've caused much disturbance to the audience who were paying attention around us. ok then after that there were like choirs singing along and a some chinese opera solo or something.

anyways, at the end of the concert, we wanted to give the googly-eyed oranges and apples to our instructors! but we only found Mr ET, who reluctantly accepted our fruits and stuffed them into his ginormous hiking bag. and to our astonishment, Qulaoshi actually made a quick escape from the SCH, so we didn't catch her. so i ate the fruits that were meant for her in the end. heeee.

in a nutshell, the concert was a blast, and friday was fun-filled indeed. rah, this post isn't as good as rachel's! and i apologise for that hahaha. ok now, ciao.

joy the poo!

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