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Saturday, March 29, 2008
Hello YQP! I see lots of long posts, but this won't be short either because it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and I've been dying to get this out of my system. Your MGA is here to speak about INSTRUMENT CARE, something that involves the school's money, and US because ultimately, we have been/will usually be spending the most on instruments.

I have witnessed many occasions where our instruments and equipment have been unacceptably handled and treated. From now onwards I don't want to hear anyone say "I didn't know that" because here I present you the rules! Take note of those in bold, they are the newly established ones and are of UTMOST IMPORTANCE.


General rules
1) ALWAYS take care of the instrument you use. You will be held liable for any damages made, even if someone else was involved.
2) NEVER let anyone outside YQP with no experience in yangqin/percussion touch the instruments unless under strict supervision.
3) Do not leave drumsticks/mallets lying around as they may go missing and Drama students have a high tendency of taking them to play on our instruments.
4) Any personal scores or sticks left lying around will be permanently confiscated and will not be returned until further investigation.

1) Maintenance is to be carried out regularly (i.e. tuning, oiling strings, dusting etc).
2) NEVER place any objects except covers on the surface of the yangqin. DO NOT lean on the yangqin.
3) Take extra care when transporting instruments. If it is too heavy, get a partner to help.
4) When moving the yangqin in its case, be careful not to drop it.

1) NEVER place heavy objects such as cymbals or stationery on the drums. DRUMS ARE NOT TABLES. Do not use them to annotate scores/write notes.
2) NEVER allow anyone, including you, to lean on the drums.
3) Keep the drum surfaces dry at all times.

1) NEVER place any objects on the timpani.
2) To move the timpani, hold on to the rails on the side of the drums. NEVER PRESS ON THE DRUM SURFACE.
3) Release pedals after use.

Mallet instruments
1) NEVER place anything on the mallet instruments except the mallets. Do not use them to annotate scores/write notes. Mallets should be placed parallel to the keys (on the node/string) and the shaft should NOT slotted between the keys.
2) NEVER lean against the instruments. THEY CANNOT SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT.
3) Do not do anything that can potentially damage the instruments (i.e. push it around, play with drumsticks/wrong mallets).

Brass instruments/Others
1) NEVER drop the instruments.
2) Always place unused instruments into the green box or storage boxes.
3) Return instrument to its rightful place after use to prevent instruments from going missing.

1) For personal sticks, mark/tie them together in a pair to prevent confusion.
2) Do not take/bring home others' personal sticks without permission.
3) For sticks/mallets owned by the school, use with care and do not bring them home unless authorized to do so.
4) NEVER use the wrong sticks/mallets for the wrong instruments, e.g. mallets on drums, drumsticks on xylophone.
5) Return mallets to their packaging (if provided) and into the green box if not in use. Otherwise, return them to the music stand. Always put them in pairs.

I am certain that everyone is guilty of breaking at least one rule. The CO's annual budget is not high, and last year most of it was used to purchase instruments for our section. In return, please show our appreciation by treasuring what we are provided because they are meant to last for many years, for many more batches to come.

Also, M4-01 is a mess because of us. The instruments are no longer in their rightful positions. Please have the responsibility and courtesy of returning the instrument to its original state after use.

I am quite sure that the above rules are of reasonable accuracy and will ensure the increase of the lifespan of our instruments. Many of them are tips from professionals and even MOE. Let's all take good care of our instruments! And thank you for reading this far (:

-Xin Yi

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