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Friday, March 28, 2008
hey it's rachel here!!

the thing that im posting below was supposed to be written to chewfei, then after the read it she asked me to post it here. so here goes:
my expectations for concert:
I think will go according to the songs (:

1. taiyang
- this is a perc concerto, so I guess we should have quite high expectations for this piece. Like taifeng must be there (haha of course lah!) then even if we are nervous or what we shouldn’t screw ‘cause we are already very very very very familiar with the piece!! And then you and xinyi and cass would be like pressure ‘cause you all are playing the more mainb parts. But ofcourse that doesn’t mean the rest of us can slack. ‘cause for people like me, one note wrong, it is very very obvious >< the only think im really frightened of is that I might like suddenly blank out or something. It will be really really scary…. For yangqin I can only jia you!! ‘cause I don’t exactly know the expectations so I guess I cant really say a lot. But like us, I think they shouldn’t make a lot of mistakes ‘cause they are also very familiar with their part. Even though they only have 3 people now, I know they can still do very well (:

2. meng zhi ba li
- hmm. I think for this piece perc is quite important. Then we would have to memorise everything if not I don’t think we would be able to keep up with the orchestra. It’s quite fast paced for the percussion and we have lots of empty bars to count o_o and of course memorizing the parts will also enhance our taifeng ‘cause we don’t need to concentrate on looking at the score (: xinyi and cass and yuka are playing the main mallet parts so they have to be very sure where their mallets are going to land while in the meantime being in the music (taifeng must depend on the music!! It’s supposed to come naturally (: ) hah and I realized my part is also quite distinct. Uhoh. Nevermind. I’ll get the pai1 zi right asap (: for the yangqin right, I think….. since you all are sitting at the front then I guess you all jiu4 all the best bah (: and I think its best that you all can memorise the score ‘cause then like that you all can follow lin lao shi and aid in keeping the rhythm in the orchestra xD

3. di yi er hu
- er. This song is… er. Hmm….. I was about to say very hard. But I think that would be wrong. I think, that if we take the effort to lian4, it is definitely possible to play this song nicely. And if we can do that, im sure we (yangqin people) wont hate diyi that much anymore. So I think to catch up with the a-lot of time we wasted and so that we can reach the concert standard, we would have to work extra extra hard!! On the concert day, we shall awe the audience with our pro-ness when they see and hear that we can play diyi like pros xD I heard the perc parts are quite complicated too!! jia you jia you!! I think we will all be able to do it and do our taifeng and play until mrs ee is super touched by us. Wuahhahaha. Ok lah, in layman terms, we must zai4 jie1 zai4 li4 for this. *nods head*

4. sha di er
- what should I say. YQP MUST DO REALLY REALLY WELL FOR THIS PIECE TOO ‘CAUSE IT ROCKS!!! I think it’s a really really nice song and we mustn’t waste it. Yangqin must memorise parts and put the required feelings into the music such that the effect of the piece is there. HEY it’s supposed to praise a hero, so there must be a lot of emotions!! *nods head* especially at the part when sha di er dies…. That’s the part where we yangqin people will play wrongly. Not that the notes are wrong, just that we like to play that sad part such that it sounds happy. So we would have to work on that. And and and I heard the perc parts are really fun!! And nice too!! so during the concert, while us yangqin people have fun playing the nice nice piece, perc people must also have fun playing all the exciting parts (: and and TAIFENG TAIFENG!!

5. mei gui hua
- hmm. I have no idea how this will turn out ‘cause it hasn’t even been comfirmed that we will use this. But we will still do good, even though it’s only the juniors playing (:

6. qin wang dian bing
- ah. This one. The very very extremely important one. I think for practice now, we would have to lian4 technical stuff along with taifeng. Taifeng 其实不是练出来的. Actually I think it should come naturally with the technical stuff. But apparently, the above will be hard to achieve as somehow most of us don’t have that natural taifeng. So we all have to jiayou!! I think the outcome that day should be that we have our confidence, our dynamics, our techniques, our voices, our taifeng, our smiles, and most importantly, our fun!! We should feel especially shuang after playing this piece. That will meant that we did well and thus we are very satisfied with it, therefore the exhilaration (: we shall make our audience open their mouths and gasp at our pro-ness too!! xD

7. storm warning and dance
- the thing that I think is extra special is that the sec ones are playing!! This will be great exposure for them to performing on stage and probably they will help the co very much to do well for the next syf with their experience. I believe that even if the piece is not exactly very impressive, it will still be to the best and you all sure can make it impressive (: actually I’ve heard it before and it’s quite nice actually!! (:

Overall, I think the biggest and more important things I would like to see would be our taifeng and how much we enjoy playing all our pieces, whether as a section or with the orchestra. (: yaye
yepp that that's exactly what i told her, other than a few grammatical corrections (:
whoo YangQinPerc jiayou for concert pieces!! :D

rachel the random (:

ps: it's my second long post. muahahahaha (:

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