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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
the whole thing's based on my point of view (:

we agreed to meet up at woodlands mrt station at 3pm .after everyone's here (xinyi, cass, wendy, yunge and i for the moment), cass bought the vanilla milkshake and we went to buy 3 packets of black carrotcake and 3 packets of white carrotcake ;D meanwhile, rachel was at chewfei's house trying to accompany chewfei before the concert and trying to keep chewfei from suspecting anything about the surprise party (: then we headed for chewy's house via bus 911 (o.o) . it was raining at that time ,so it was rather messy (and dangerous for chewy's gigantic card,keke) , but we managed to arrive at chewy's doorstep in the end ;D so we pressed the doorbell, remained very silent, and when the door opened we screamed "SURPRISE !" lol .then we went into the house and settled down in the study room (: then it was chips galore !we ate the junk while joy was happily playing her games on the computer (leaning tower of pigs and the rabbit-who-apparently-is-not-afraid-of-heights game :]) while we talked about the card, about the "SCANDAL" and about random stuffs .joy is especially sensitive to xinyi's "are you happy ?" and the "scandal" was the most interesting topic at that time (: then chewy and xinyi started talking about WILLIAM .and his, er, FASCINATION with "-.-" .then chewy showed us some funny pics of "-.-" and william ;D the whole birthday bash was crazy, random and fun (with a lack of a better word ) .
then rachel came back with the CAKEEEEE .the cute bear cake which has loads of cream and has a cute strawberry for a mouth ;D
then we sang the birthday song (when chewfei is surprisingly missing) and then chewy made a wish (" i wish yqp will never be bonded" ;D) and then she CUT THE CAKE !and started feeding everyone with the knife 8D . then after taking PICTURES we left the house for DUNMAN HIGH CONCERT .

alrito, the whole thing's something like that ;D
i could've missed out something though .add on if you spotted that i've missed out something !(:
sorry for the lack of pictures !i currently don't have the pictures with me right now.
joy shall upload the pictures after her blocks !

okay. i shall stop hereee !
goodluck to those still having blocks !
and good luck to those receiving their test papers !(i hate history !)
tata ;D

weishan :D

Siao-ed 8:29 PM


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