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Sunday, April 06, 2008
Cockroach here! :D Thanks for all the meaningful posts from all blog contributors! Keeps the blog lively, though our tagboard is quite dead already. It's good that nowadays there are posts on everything that goes on during CCA, aids in having reflections or even just having a good laugh sometime. I feel so speechless. Alright, okay, will just like to say that...


Don't ever forget that! We are all special to be part of this group, no matter what kind of different experiences each of us go through. At the end of the day, you work hard for everything in CCA, perhaps because of some kind of undying love for the section and orchestra. And...

No You Causes Ordeals

(Peace behold.)

Just some notices on the side line:
1) Going for the SCO performance? Let's meet up at 2.45pm at Orchard MRT Station.
2) YQP talk on Monday morning at 7.00am sharp, quadrangle. If everybody is not there, the meeting will not take place. This is how important the meeting is.
3) Remember the tasks I assigned to everybody? Some are done well, some aren't. Will catch up on this soon. Meanwhile, please make the effort to do every task well, before I get to you.

Remember this YQP mantra? Well, I just did :)
We listen, we learn, we try, we work hard, we can, we happy.

Take care, drink water, eat good food, sleep if you like, and always remain cool and shuai!

Siao-ed 1:12 AM


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