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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


er hello im here to post about yesterday's dazu but frankly speaking i dont really remember alot but i'll try... /:

i think the really sad thing about today was we didnt tune the yangqin 'cause when yuka first arrived the door wasnt even opened yet. o_o and at that time it was quite late already. so when sylvia arrived a little while later, she and sylva ban-ed the yangqins in.... and when i reached at 3+pm, they have only ban-ed 2 yangqins, so can imagine how late the door was opened huh. and because there wasnt enough space, the 2 yangqins in front had to be touching each other at the sides, so it's like slanting in.. which isnt supposed to be during dazu. but no choice lah. there wasnt space, and there wasnt enough time to ask the people to move... ><

the first song we played today was 梦之 Bali, then it was quite screwed, 'cause i think the CO has been concentrating on other songs and so didnt lian4 this one. i guess you can say it's quite forgotten already /:

lin lao shi started off with part B. and it was bad 'cause we couldnt really follow the dynamics (i couldnt control the volume of the feng luo D:) and lin lao shi was quite er unhappy. he lianed it alot of times, and kept reminding us when was first house, second house, and for the first time, i think he has a temper afterall. /: i think if he wasnt that little bit angry today, dazu could have been quite screwed. it just goes to show that our CO still lacks discipline D: and yes we lianed part B for very very very long. but i guess we managed to do what he wanted in the end, which is good (:

while lin lao shi was busy with other sections, me and sylvia and yuka were figuring out the changed parts. 'cause after jocelyn left, there were some adjustments and transfers from sylvia's and cass' score. and because it has been a long long time since we played this song, we had a really hard time to trying to figure out and remember who plays what and when. yes we managed to sort it out, but we didnt get to play it 'cause lin lao shi didnt lian4 that ending place.

then he moved on to part C, the one that i like and dont like at the same time (if you've seen my score you should understand why) that one was still ok, other then when it came to my pop-song-NOT-pop-song part, i sort of er played wrongly 'cause i was reminding myself to use alternate hands at the end but confused myself more as a result. but i did in the second try (with everyone staring o_o) yaye (: but then the CO didnt exactly play very well for that part too. somehow, it was worse than the last time we played meng zhi bali, which was a long long time ago. -.-

i remember there was this part where yangqin and perc-with-melody had to play together. then yangqin had some problems but i think it was sort of solved in the end. then yuka had so much fun playing that she didnt even hear lin lao shi say stop and she just went on until she finished the paragraph. which was so amusing HAHAHA xD

lin lao shi told me to help him keep the rhythm using the mu yu. the difficult thing about it was that you have to keep to that particular speed while making sure that the sounds quality is constant. i admit, i cant do it. not without lin lao shi prompting and guiding><

er. i think overall for this song, we really did it below standard. the notes werent zhun3, then the beats werent accurate too! and worst of all, some people didnt even play. o_o

oh yes btw, mrs ee came in in the middle of bali. and she must have observed alot of things like the differences in our attitude with hers and lin lao's da zu. yes she must have seen some things. and she's probably going to hack us on friday if she's not satisfied about what she has seen/heard. x:

before he moved on to sha di er, he told us that on the next practice with him, there will be some exam going on for him, and i think it has to do with conducting. and he says he doesnt need everyone , so only a few people needed. and he needs a guzheng. HAHA so happy!! for me i think that was the only good news of the day :D

for sha di er, he lianed starting from the bar 50 i think.... anyway it's the fast part. and i think we did ok. it wasnt as screwed as meng zhi bali ._. but like what cass says, the song is very noisy now 'cause everyone is just playing very loudly as we dont know the dynamics. ok maybe we do, just that we werent following it -.-

i think lin lao shi had a hard time trying to control the volume from bar 72 to 73. this is the part where the tims come in. then we were supposed to wait for the tims or something. er.

okaye i think thats about all thats essential for yesterday's dazu.....

or more like there's nothing more that i can remember.... sorry!! ):

rachel the random one.

Siao-ed 7:55 PM


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