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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Hell0! By far, this is my first time posting so YAY! Anyway, I am here to post about dazu and xiaozu for this week (which is week 4), yup.

1. Let's start with xiaozu first, ok? Right, so for xiaozu, we learnt snare!!! How fun!!! (Although I must admit that I am really very very very confused with how it works and stuff, and how overly immobile my left hand is.) Anyway, I guess we must PRACTICE! Jia you! We really have limited time to do the stuff we want so yeah. D:

So next was... QWDB! Oh my goodness, I feel the stress! We really have to practice practice practice! Well, we have to finish memorizing our scores soon (especially us tong3qi4, cause we have no time to flip pages and *yikes* we got "scolded"). So yup, we have to memorize yeah? Hopefully we'll all be able to memorize by the next practice! ^^

For QWDB, some parts were changed/edited/clarified, so to those who weren't here on Thursday, please take note! (Actually, they already did. ^^) Oh and right, we should memorize the dynamic changes and all the little details (eg. movement, hands, etc.).

Oh, and QLS seemed angry on Thursday! I think she was quite pissed with how we were all missing lessons... actually missing HER lessons. So now, we have a timetable put up (in the YQ room) of the time we are going for her lessons! NO MORE ESCAPING! D: (Well, although we find her fierce and stuff, think of it this way, at least the sec ones are ok with her! *Seriously, is that a good thing? I think it is right?* ^^)

So that was for xiaozu. Did i miss out on anything? I am not too sure, sorry! If I did, really really sorry!~ Now, let's go on to Friday, dazu.

2.Dazu started pretty late, i reached m4 at 1515 and everyone was just still setting up/settling down. (Sorry i was late, we had drama and had to clean up our faces.) Erm, I think those who can come early, try to set up first? (That way, the yq peeps can also avoid getting squashed by the pipa/erhu/ruanliu. Hahaha.)

Well, we played di4yi1 that day... so i hid behind. Firstly, I must apologize for making a lot of noise, I am really sorry! After that, we resorted to using paper (but that's a different story already).

Apparently, Mrs Ee wasn't feeling very happy... (I don't mean to rake up bad memories, i had my share of it too).

We can't blame her, actually, even though we dread that song so much, we still have to perform it. And of course, who wouldn't wish to perform this song or any song well? So long it's for nyco, our concert, we must do our best right? It's the satisfaction you get after that, "This crazy song and I managed to perfect my part and we played it so uber well!" So, let's JIA YOU more ok? ^^

And though Mrs Ee was really really putting on a hei1lian3 that day, don't be discouraged or anything! Just means she thinks we're not up to standard YET, but if we practice (ah, that word again), we WILL be of standard! ^^ YAY! (Of course, the whole co must work on this together yup.(:)

Oh, and the issue of tuning comes up again. Chew fei suggested we meet up every 1/2 week(s) and tune for like a good 2/3 hours. What do you think? I think it's quite good, cause 1 hour (during lunch prac) is not quite enough to even finish tuning one yangqin. Yup.

3.About those who are wanting to know more about lunch prac, I am afraid I can't tell you much. Sorry! But i will try.

Basically, lunch prac is about practicing! Most of the time, we either practice tai4yang3 (and the yq peeps tune) or we practice QWDB. Yep. As for sec ones, we are in the process of teaching them how to tune! So they can help us tune! (And I realised Pei Er has a bad sense of direction, she said so herself! Hahaha!)

4.Well, that's all I have about lunch prac, so sorry! Let's talk about some other stuff... example our morning circle with the ssabollec people!

Hahaha! How did you find it? I thought it was way too noisy! I couldn't hear most of what the ssabollec people near Zimin said. Furthermore, it doesn't help that I can't even see them! So, I not only don't know how they look like, I don't know their names! Oh no! Are we going to have another circle with them again? ^^

Oh and basically now you can do almost anything during morning circle~! from eating, doing homework to talking crap! Hahaha! It's bonding! ^^

5.Here are some other stuff.

5.1Right, about barricades, continue with the hard work! Yay! We can do it! Just, we should try to find out a more efficient and fast method so we can set up in a shorter time when we are rushing off to class/home/whatever. ok? ^^

5.2Everyone please try to check the blog as regularly as possible! I must admit that i am guilty of not checking regularly enough! SORRY! Yeah and everyone go check what your batch's duties is or your own personal duties ok?

5.3Oh, if you are going to be late or not coming for xiaozu/dazu/lunch prac, sms cass or any of the sec threes. ^^ Please do not forget ok? (Preferably, ask for a reply from the recipient, we don't want something like sylvia's case to happen again! Hahaha!)

Right i think that's all I have to say... Am I talking too much? I am so sorry~! I shall officially stop here. Breathe and say YAY! Hahaha. Thank you for reading so far! ^^ I feel so touched! Thank you!

In case you didn't realise it,
this post is posted by yuka, ME~ ^^

P.S. Sorry for late post, my internet connection was *uek*.

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