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Saturday, April 05, 2008
heyo people!! im here to post about xiaozu, prep talk, dazu for this week (: ah and i think lunch prac too!

so today, during lunch prac, before the door was opened, part of yqp was sitting outside of m402 discussing about The Big Plan. the plan to play a prank on toh lao. it's planned to be like this, wendy will be on the phone with joy, then wendy will come tell us that joy is in hospital with a serious injury and wont be coming for xiaozu. well joy is really going to be in the hospital, but doing CIP and not with some injury. yea then the section will plead and beg and sa3 jiao1 (go on our knees if even neccessary) with toh lao to let us go to the hospital to see joy. but then he's not authorised to just release us, so we predict that he would feel awkward. then wendy will ask toh lao to talk to joy who is (really) on the phone, then joy will say something like, "what was the date two days ago? april fool!!" and then we laugh. HAHAHA. of course lah, how can we not laugh when it's the end of the joke :D

yep so that was about the plan. then chewfei came to open the door and we started sorting out the stacks of new and old scores into the new files. but then we didnt manage to complete them 'cause we didnt have time and then there was really alot to do ):

xiaozu started off with qwdb. i think overall the practice was okaye..... just that we have to work more on taifeng and dynamics and alertness. like me and yuka would have to remember when we have to change instruments. ): and then i would have to remember where is pp and where is f. nevermind, practice makes perfect (we'll aim for perfection and land somewhere near perfection :D ). we jia you bah!! the competition is like very very near (in may right?) so we would have to work really really hard to play the piece well!! then when we win, we will feel a great sense of accomplishment. but that is not until after we have practiced and bonded. we need that chemistry!! so i hope that everyone can jia you and work on both techinal and non-technical stuff. this competition will really benefit all of us!! xD ohohoh and the fact that toh lao got a a bit angry during xiaozu showed that some of us were going overboard. well, im sure you all get what i mean. D:

prep talk. it's a serious talk with the whole co about performance now, our attitudes, and what goals do we have, and how we are going to achieve them. (and it is also the first time i hear the pin-drop silence with the whole CO ) there were alot of hearfelt words from some of the seniors, and it is very obvious that people who really care about this CO (mainly seniors and a few juniors) are very much affected by the overall
!@#$%^&* attitude in the CO. there are of course some people who i had seen not paying attention to sheila.

firstly, i think it's really inconsiderate and disrespectful. sheila in any case is a senior, our president. no matter how indifferent the person is to the matter, she should at least still listen right. its so disturbing when you see people poking one another in the joking way when you hear the seniors talking about serious stuff. really, where did our CO spirit disappear to?! secondly, this only shows that these are the ones who really have no feelings whatsoever towards 1. the situation now 2. the whole CO 3. the seniors 4. maybe even batchmates and juniors o_o

sheila started off with explaining what was happening (well im sure i dont need to elaborate on it) then she got us to share our views.

a summary of what was pointed out on that matter: we dont seem to be clear on what we are doing and why we are doing. with that, we arent moving on, and are showing signs of deproving and back-tracking. additionally, there are people who care more about whether they have fun than whether if she is able to play the piece well. and there are also people who totally dont care about being in the CO. these are people who didnt come into CO on their own accords, or came because they wanted to, but slowly grew to dislike CO. it has been pointed out that it doesnt matter whether you like it or you dont like it. if it is something you have to do, you should still do it to your best! if you want it to be fun, can. once the beautiful music is out everyone will feel the elation and there's the fun. however, if you hadnt been part of playing that music, then of course you wont feel anything. instead of making yourself feel worse, why not make the best out of it. (:

and to solve these problems, motivating words and solutions have been shared. like shawn says (whoo shawn you rock!!), we are like a army, us being the soldiers and Mrs Ee the general. and the coming concert our enemy, something we have to conquer. we cant go in, Mrs Ee fighting with all her might, then us poking the enemey with no enthusiasm at all. it is a losing-battle. we all have to follow the general's lead and chiong arrr!! then there is a huge chance for us to conquer it. but attacking with no strategy is also no use. we need to train hard and perfect our skills and come up with plans. in the CO's context, we would have to lian and prepare and keep the morale up, just like in a war! just that this war wont have any bloodshed but still! we should really work hard to conquer it, then we'll know that all the hardwork was worth it. (:

some other things pointed out: juniors are hating seniors because they think that seniors and bossy and unreasonable. well, all i can say is, fellow peers and juniors!! we better 反省反省. hai..... D:

well, thats about all for prep talk, i guess... ><>enjoying playing good music together.

yes music is one of the main tings, but we also have to play together to play good and enjoyable music. so as you can see, they are all interlinked. there is a difference when you practice alone and when you practice with the section of with the orchestra. and again, she stresses that playing good quality music is what we really should aim for and it is what will leave a very good and deep impressions on the audience, Mrs Ee, graduating seniors, and us. that is what that really counts.

there are factors that affect the quality of music:
- the conductor
- our instructors
- the venue of practice
- number of practices
- our instruments
- us who make up the orchestra
- our clarity of our targets (what do we want to achieve?)

our (the whole orchestra) first target now, is the coming highly-awaited NYCO concert.. it is important as it is between 2 SYFs and it will reflect how we have improved/deproved/remained the same, and it will give us a rough gauge of how we will fair for the next SYF. the concert is also a major chance for us to gain more experience and to enjoy the music together (:

then after the concert, we'll ahve SYF! now is the the one that will accurately and fairly potray how hard we've worked and how our hard work has paid off. so we must jia you!!

Mrs Ee also said hat the CO needs to have discipline in order for everything to function. discipline includes discipline to practice at home, to tune our instruments, to be considerate to others during dazu, to be puctual for all events/activities etc etc.

she also stressed the two very important things that NYCO lacks. TEAMWORK and FRIENDSHIP. TEAMWORK is something that the orchestra is very weak in, and that is probably because there's no bond across the different sections. we need to care more for each other so that there will be strong friendships among all of us! with that, there will definitely be teamwork!

FRIENDSHIP. when we have no feelings for anything, we definitely cannot work with it. no feeliongs for NYCO, for your own section... there's really no point cooking up with valid excuses to pon practices or activites. everyone knows what is behind those excueses. there are people who try not to come for holiday pracs with valid reasons some more o_o. if we really have problems that we have to skip practices for 'valid' reasons, then it will be best to go talk to mrs ee... /:

additional news: Lee Shan Shan is no longer in charge of the CO. so now the heavy workload is split between Ms Chooi and Mrs Ee. lets not give them anymore trouble yea?

for dazu we lianed di yi er hu first. well it was better than the last time, but there is still alot more room for improvement. definitely xD ohoh and now we have a amplifier for lim qing. we should really thank (er i forgot his name but still ... -_-) him for setting it upi for us and he is offering to deliver it here and bring it back every single friday!! i think he is so nice!!

we only lianed taiyang for a bit 'cause there wasnt much time, then after that was the mei gui hua thingy. in the end we werent using the song for the concert 'cause mrs ee said it wasnt relavant. but we can still keep the song and use it when we need it for mini performances. yaye (:

well i guess thats about it for thurs and fri. xD

rachel the random (:

ps: please pardon the typos ><

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