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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
ok this is my first time posting
expect a lengthy post
wanted to say this chunk during section meeting
but couldn't find the time to and didn't dare to

So far, these are my impressions of yqp section people (no offence). Some of the things are also what I feel is good about that person and I should learn from.
Chew Fei

Xin Yi










Jia Ni

Please don't take some things to heart and these are merely my opinions of the people in our section. For me, my main role models in this section are Xin Yi, Chew Fei and Jiani.

Ok, let's talk about myself now.:) I felt a big change in terms of cca definitely as I have to stay back until very late ie. 6 pm as compared to slacking in my old cca till 4 pm. Haha. Also, unlike in primary school, there is a lot of extra time used for section meetings and lunch prac. No, not that it is bad. I just hope that really effective section meetings in the morn should be inform by whatever way. If not if there is one every morn, I notice that not everytime we are discussing about relevant and useful stuff. I could have used that time to do other things. Ok back to me. Besides, I feel the tremendous workload, especially projects. Therefore, I need to have better time management and improve interpersonal relationships. I tend to be too frank and rude at times when my emotions lose control. Maybe you won't know what I'm talking about yet, just ask my friends and they will know. And be more enthu! And sometimes, because you all are seniors and not as close to my friends in class if you compare, i dare not ask certain questions. That is because I am afraid that if I ask, it shows that I am not respecting them. These questions I am referring to are those personal questions. Ok maybe I am really capo. Besides, I have got back my naughty self. Haha. Because the people here dun really bother about playing pranks. I was naughty only during p1-3 and p4-6 very guai. Haha.

Ok for the section, I hope that we can release any gatherings more on time and be more practical in terms of money wise, not everybody is so rich like me.:)

End of lengthy post. :)

Pei Er ( Your junior) :)

Siao-ed 7:32 PM


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