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Saturday, April 26, 2008

yo yo people!! coming up: post for week 6 (:

tuesday: supposed to have lunch prac, but in the end when we went there the door was locked so all of us left after chewfei addressed some stuff. er. i think she talked about how the sec 2s dont inform her stuff. sigh. sorry chewfei!! ><

wednesday: sec 2 s had a tiny presentation on their batch reflections. on the whole the sec 2s think they are doing very badly now and there is alot of space for much more improvement. a summary of what was discussed:

and of course there was a little part when we told the whole section why we should really appreciate chewfei and how we can help her with her heavy burden. yaye (:

thursday: lunch prac was slack, in my opinion... we were supposed to listen to the QWDB but the CD player wouldnt read the CD-RW. so sad right!! in the end the people who wanted to prac perc prac-ed perc. then the ones who wanted to prac yangqin tuned the yangqin and prac-ed yangqin. er, then xiaozu was ok i guess. all of us started with snare first while the sec ones were at yangqin. !@#$%^&* i dont like my inconsistent left and right hand. bleh. ): and anw, only the yangqin managed to follow the timetable until toh lao prac-ed storm warning and dance non-stop o_o and also because of that we didnt manage to prac QWDB at all, or even anything else that was on the list. -.- but then because of we werent following the time table, me and weishan had a lot of time to analyze the new score shan1 jian4 . and we couldnt find alot of parts, and we couldnt read a lot of words/notes/signs...... darn the person who wrote the score -.- for yangqin, i think it was ok lah. qq seemed quite happy to me. at least i didnt get scolded. yaye (: on the whole i think prac that day was quite ok, apart from the part about the time table..... oh man sorry chewy!! D:

friday: lunch prac was basically all yq with only a few of us, and i have no idea where everyone else went to ><><><) about the 秦胡. there are like 10 000 details on it, and apparently what i copied doesnt really link, and i cannot read some words (-.-) so im not writing it down unless someone really wants it noted down, which i doubt so. anw, the lecture lasted for 1.5h, and some people slept for that 1.5h ._. //when we went back to m401, sheila, cherie, ester, tricia came to jie4 shao4 the many many concerts coming up, and sheila, as her ending statement, reminded us that we have to behave during lin lao shi's dazu. so yep! thats about all for this week, or rather, it's all that i can rmb ><

people jiayou for QWDB AND DIYI AND ANY OTHER FRIGGING PIECE!!! and sectwos jiayou for guzheng pieces!!

jiayou yang ching dah chee association!!! (:

rachel the teddy <3

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