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Friday, May 16, 2008
Dear Pei Er,

I appreciate that you had submitted sufficient courage and honesty to voice out your opinions here. As the world takes on globalization full-scale, we all need a platform to raise suggestions in order to welcome advancements, no matter for whatever issue, don't we? So I will firstly like to thank you for clarifying this while I can also take this opportunity to answer your queries and hopefully enlighten you on certain issues mentioned.

Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your immense frustration and annoyance. I show empathy for your situation where you hardly receive important news, as mentioned. It must have been horrible for you all these while. However, I will like to elaborate that whenever messages are being passed down, they are always sent to everybody involved. In that case, I find it puzzling why it does not reach your phone. Perhaps it is due to network or telecommunication errors? Well, some phones are prone to that. You might want to check that out first before addressing this issue with us. If it is so prevalent such that it happens even beyond messages for our section, it might really then be that case.

Secondly, I am proud of you in that you have grasped the concept of time management while being only a Secondary One junior in the school. However, as a Secondary Four student, Councillor, Sectional Leader, YFC participant, amongst other things, I fully understand the limitations to time management. Plans are merely theoretical; it is the practical course that matters at the end of the day. As recipients of the holistic Nanyang education system, we will be expected to juggle all such aspects well with ease. Easily said, hardly done. Back to the point where you will like to be informed earlier about news, I can in fact guarantee that nobody will like to do things last minute or receive late notifications, but we will always try to compromise with each other's schedules. I might like to warn you that this issue will be evident in your entire schooling life, and working career, and thus it will be better to take it in stride and seek alternatives rather than source for an absolute solution for this. Maybe our MM Lee cannot even provide a good answer to this.

Thirdly, I see that you place much emphasis on project discussions, perhaps for SIAs or other commitments. It is wonderful to see such dedication and determination, since once again, you are only a Secondary One junior in the first year of secondary school life. On Jiani's part, I believe that she feels the responsibility to inform you of the news first-hand, since the news might come to be more important than your project discussion at that point of time. If you will beg to differ, please do elaborate. This also corresponds with your previous point about having a preference to be informed earlier about matters. If it really comes as too much for you and your friends to handle, you might want to make other arrangements with Jiani so as to adopt a more well-balanced approach. Afterall, it is nobody's fault indeed.

Also, I concur that Jiani is not your personal messenger. What a humorous analogy! Maybe Jiani treats YQP issues with high importance, which I appreciate a lot for, and that is why she takes the effort to inform you personally. I will like to thank Jiani on this count, and also note that we indeed all have your new handphone number. You might like to double check again.

I will also like to express some concerns for your mobile-phone habits out of my own curiosity. Personally, I feel that having a handphone enhances my non-physical accessibility with the surroundings and it also enhances telecommunications greatly. That is why I check my phone as regularly as possible... I will thus like to advise you to switch on your phone more "predictably", perhaps at least about five times a day. Perhaps to a further extent, why even switch it off? Let me know if you have any other opinions about this. I assure you that news will get to you with more transience in this manner.

Last but not least, I will like to show my gratitude for offering constructive comments to improve YQP practices or meetings. For the former, you should have noticed that we have timetables to follow so it should not be a large problem. It is truly up to the instructors' discretions as to whether to follow the timetables and objectives as closely as possible. Out of a sense of deep respect for our instructors, I believe this is already the most ideal situation. For the latter, I also organize lunch practices or meetings with specific agendas. Others might call this a Councillor's workaholic method. With a slight bit of cheekiness I do agree. However, if you still feel the need for me to improve upon this aspect, feel free to raise any issues with specific examples so as to let me understand better. About digression that happens during meetings, I will like to request for you to view the issue with a less solemn eye. Which human being never digresses? Maybe it is someone as disciplined and organized like you, Pei Er, but maybe not yet for the rest of us humanly seniors. We will strive to learn from you in this aspect. Yes, seniors? :)

And regarding the miscellaneous affairs, about only formulating messages when the news are important. It is hard to define "significant" or "crucial" since every individual has different acceptance levels to them. I think I had covered this point in the previous few paragraphs. Thus, let us all strengthen our tolerance levels on this. And next about skipping practices, I think I must come firm on this point. Although I acknowledge your moral integrity in admitting to skip practices or meetings at times, I must come clean that no form of such behaviour is allowed in a highly structuralized and cohesive group in YQP, in NYCO, in NYGH. I am sure this rule does not just apply to those organizations mentioned. Maybe we can all take that as a principal moral regulation to adhere by... If we do aim to be righteous citizens of the future.

Once again, thank you Pei Er for your generous input and interesting ideas. I hope this reply had answered the burning questions in your head, and perhaps improved the impression of the section for you and your parents. It is my honour. In conclusion, we should always try to do it with a multi-pronged approach so as to resolve the conflict as easily as possible. It takes two hands to clap... For us it's twenty six hands, thirteen heads and one section. YQP forever!

Thank you very much and sorry for any inconveniences caused.

Yours Sincerely,
Phang Chew Fei

Sectional Leader
16th May 2008 Friday

Siao-ed 10:56 PM


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