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Sunday, May 04, 2008
Dear section mates,
I don't know why I am feeling so extremely dreary now. I think you can call it "emo", but there are so many thoughts in my head now. Maybe it will be good to share with you all everything we had (it's a song name).
I do several countdowns on my computer to various events, be these NYCO Concert 2008, DrumZout auditions, Council stuff etc. I believe they help me keep track of the happenings in my life. Which suddenly occured to me I don't have much time left with you guys anymore. Same goes for Joy and Jaime. I know this sounds a little hard to stomach, but it's all a realization that will dawn upon you cold and quick when such a day finally arrives.
Quick check: 2 weeks left to DrumZout, 75 more days to our concert. And a number of assorted activities. A few months left to graduation.
Nevertheless, Yun Ge should know how incredibly fortunate she is to be able to be the timpanist in the orchestra. In symphony orchestras, the timpani is a section on itself. A timpanist is also the most highly paid after the conductor. How does that sound to me? It tells you that the timpanist bears a lot of responsibility for the orchestra's music. Insipid playing leads to bland music. So Yun Ge, do get into your role soon... with my beloved Tim.
When I go away I think I will miss lying down at the timpani area looking at the ceiling, or talking to people through tiny little holes.
And about the Yangqin, I can't exactly say I love or hate it firmly. You know, how good things and bad things all average up to give you a very neutral feeling. But I am glad a lot of you, my loved section mates, are more positive towards to the Yangqin. Let what Mrs Ee says, love it do let the instrument be like you.
I don't think I will miss tuning the Yangqin, but I am quite sure I will appreciate the opportunities learning the Yangqin had given me.
Aww, this is becoming a draggy post. Nevertheless, I love you all, really. For being the bulk of my life, for providing me the spark amidst the dull, for the immense support you had been.

Siao-ed 10:47 AM


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