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Saturday, May 17, 2008
hello hello hello my beloved yqp!!!!!!! ok paiseh. im being high. (:

ok anyway, we once discussed about the kbox outing right? now me and chewfei has planned that we should go for our outing on vesak day, a public holiday, to the kbox at orchard cineleisure. from about 2pm to 7pm. whee 5 hours xD then we can meet at somerset mrt and go there together, as suggested by weishan. lol.

but then, this is still not comfirmed because jaime, cass, and yuka haven't replied me ):
but then i can comfirm that joy, sylvia, jia ni and pei er wont be coming T.T


haiya in any case, this would be the most probable plan. so yea people please take note!!

oh and i thought that i should show you guys how big m4 really is (:

this was after we ban-ed all the instru to the area near the door, and i was standing somewhere near the switches i think. see, our perc area is so empty and big. wuahahaha xD

ok er... i have no idea what this photo is supposed to show 'cause i forgot my purpose for taking this photo (i have purposes for taking photos kae. i dont take photos at random xD ). ah anyway, for this i was standing at the door. but really, photos arent enough. you have to be there personally to feel and understand how big m401 realy is. (:

yep so thats all i want to say. please stay tuned to nycoyqp-ruach for updates on our kbox outing. hopefully the people mentioned would SMS me back soon ):

rachel! (random teddy bear)

Siao-ed 7:47 PM


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