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Friday, May 16, 2008
Hello! Pei Er here!

I been getting a bit frustrated and annoyed. Sometimes I do not recieve certain news, irregardless of how important it is. Like on the way home with Jiani, she will recieve an sms and my phone doesn't recieve at all, even after a long long while. For example, the section needs to meet to discuss some important stuff and I was not informed. Usually, I planned whatever free time that I have and they can be super packed or even very free. Though I may be free when I finally recieve the last minute news, I would definitely prefer to be informed earlier. The best thing comes when I am having project discussion with my friends and Jiani, having a very important message to tell me, suddenly runs in and has to interrupt the discussion. Firstly, both my friends and I are not happy to be interrupted. Secondly, Jiani is not my personal messenger. She does not have all the time in the world and has much more important things to do.Thus, if she has something more important to attend to, I would be left uninformed. I did remember smsing you all my new handphone number. And as I had said, I switch on my handphone very unpredictably and would definitely on it every morning before 7:30 to check for smses. My handphone no. is not 9192 1802. The service for that no. has been terminated, so if you don't have my no., please ask me for it.

Sometimes I realise that when I go for section practice or meeting, it always end up that everyone else starts discussing something else or not doing what is supposed to be done. It would be good to state the purpose even if it is bonding. Or maybe important things then an sms, unimportant things then no sms. Thus, I sometimes feel like skipping this things even if Chew Fei says that it is mandatory if not... The strong words soon lose a meaning to me and frequently the best thing is, important smses are usually told to me by Jiani. Reading it myself would DEFINITELY be better. I hope this would change as it is giving both my parents and I different opinions towards the section.


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