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Saturday, May 10, 2008
Hi everyone, since I am awake, ( and watching Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire- which my mum just bought)i've decided to blog about today's event. I shall try, in as much detail as I can, to record down everything i can remember for the sake of those absent ( mainly sec 1s -.-) any side jokes and whtever, pls add in (:

( i'm seriously gonna take a long time. i'm distracted by harry potter :P)

So, it started with us ( sylvia, yunge, me, weishan, yuka, raechel) meeting at the bus stop at 7.15am. Then Yuka said we had to go to guzheng room to lian MENG LI HUA (yucks!) with the others, which i strongly disagreed to. THE GOOD THING is that m4-01 wasn't locked since ytd (friday), so we went there and supposedly lian meng li hua (which we ended up slping and hearing the song as well actually). Then we had to get dressed and start the rehearsal for the last time.

i should believe everyone would like me to skip this part, as it has no meaning and completely a repeat of the actual performances.

*skips rehearsal*

And so the actually performance starts, with amanda just ariving in time. ( by now, i'd have eaten 6 bai tu tang n 2 lollipops) pipa ppl are doing funny actions, and cherie, tricia n jasmine were zi pai-ing etc. Oh, before we continue, the programme:
ju hua tai
niu li ge
pipa- gz duet
gz solo
ju tai feng
long chuan
chun jie xu qu
ai jiang tou
meng li hua
endless love
So, the sec 2 juniors are made to sing ( with mics) the chorus part for mengli hua (haha) with lydia, the main singer. So on this point, we must congradulate on the job well done by sec 2s *claps* for being brave enough to go up and sing.

yup, and for the encore piece (endless love)-which no one shouted encore for, all of us had to go on to the ailes ( dunno how it's spelt) to xie4 mu4. Then it was over. Meanwhile, dear chewy and friends were selling popcorn chicken, nuggets, fries, onion rings n malt candy( which i heard mock candy). I heard they did quite well ( which reminds me, i haven't paid yet. oops.), congrats again, *claps* for their entrepreneurship against choir! haha.
oh btw, lunch was frm canteen stall, mixed veg, so it's quite gd. yay.

then it was break time, and we slacked a lot- by which i was obsessed over city bloxx. HA, so i didn't really noticed things around me. except that pearly is quite open, with zips n all that ahem. (:
then dinner time, (chicken rice, for ur info) and then time for the 2nd performance! (by which i'd have eaten another lollipop and a few more sweets- i m so gonna have diabetes) all was going quite ok. except when it was chun jie, the suspended cymbal's mallets were half gone, so there was some small glitch, and the snare drum is spoilt. the snares won't stick to the drum. Other than that, the rest were pretty fine.

meanwhile... the BIG PLAN was going fine. *smirks*

Well, so, we had to go for debriefing, which i didn't bother to attend, so i went walking around the foyer with cass. OH MAN, mr mac's quite witty. some comemnts he said: " the $2 note 's too heavy in your walltes, take them out" " one cup is not enough. there's always room for more" oh man, hope he sold all the bubbletea. Oh and he mentioned cass's name, and i was telling her, " he remembers your name"
" well yea, he teached us before. he recognise u too mah, come"
"hi mr mac, do you remember her?"
"of course, how are you?"
"i;m not good with names see, i teach about 300 students every year"
- k shall stop here, digressed :P

So, we went back to backstage, got our stuff, and went up to m4-01 to help xinyi, joy n jaime to blow balloons ( huffs and puffs) - and for 2 times, we got scared, cos we thought the 3 ppl were coming, which instead was py and amanda, and pipa ppl (thanks them for helping) WHILE chewy was to stall for time, make up excuses to make them stay at the audi.

first it was sth about how mrs ee commented on their performance, saying how bad it was, which made them thought really hard, and feel disappointed.( at this time, yunge n weishan are already up, bringing the food that sylvia's mum kindly provided for us! THANKYOU! * claps*
THEN, chewy came up with this ( or rather, xinyi) excuse that vivian hadn't given us the m4 keys, so we were kind of stuck, so we had to wait.

MEANWHILE, we were all ready, getting all the balloons to congregate at the door, waiting to surprise rae, yuka and syl; with loads of BOOMS from out of nowhere(balloons seems to be afraid of cass- they pop when she touches them) SO, we waited in the darkness for what seemed like forever. We kept hearing voices, thinking that they are up already, which were afterwards, confirmed that they were from m3-01 (gz ppl). So, we were waiting in suspense,( jaime's afraid of dark!haha), and kept hushing us up when the volume was getting outta control( abit paranoid- AND joy was actually serious about hushing up! hahahahaha). Then, xinyi gave the FINAL call to chewy to confirm that we were all ready, after waiting for ever, and seeing no one appearing.

AND THEN.... *music* the final moment! I heard yuka n rae's voices. AND THEY WERE GETTING LOUDER! and the door opens... and...

AJEPOIJWKJN}_!#(TU}!_(%08u! *THROWS BALLONS AND screams* at them. Then there was a chained reaction. Rae screamed ( shocked) then yuka screamed cos she screamed, then syl screamed cos the other 2 screamed. Then we sang birthday song for them (practically shouted)And they CRIED! aw... too touched for words.well, it was all going well, till, the bunch of teachers chased us out. cos we had to lock the school anyway. So we went to the yun xian ting, and celebrated their birthdays. So much food! so nice! ( jaime n joy left le :( so sad)

unfortunately, sylvia had to leave b4 we even got to eat anything. still, the food was nice. thanks syl's mum again. So while eating, ppl left one by one as our parents came, and in the end, cass n i were left. And we left! ( haha, pun. not exactly a pun.) So that concludes the day(night). Oh yea, and syl said this was the 1st time she cried in nygh, nice one.

Once again, happy birthday to yuka, sylvia and rachel. Hope you guys enjoyed the surprise party. I know i missed loads of facots and points, but the big picture is there. Gd luck for all the chionged SIAs and happy sabbs and hols!

wisely weasel

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