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Saturday, May 17, 2008
hi everyone!!! this week is my turn to post! yay! and sorry for posting so late...

lots of things happened this week... we have got tuesday, thusday and friday practices as usual, as well as morning circle, lunch prac, friday's morning assembly's performance as well as open house! but before posting about all this things, i shall make an announcement!


Tuesday=> today we again practised sha di er. and sheila said we were well- behaved and this prac was much more productive as compared to the other pracs. i'm so happy:) but i think we can still improve more in regard to our behavior during lin lao shi's dazu. like for example, though dazu is really quite boring at times, and we are all very tired and sleepy, we should still to more attentive and 精神 when playing sha di er. and i admit that i yawn a lot during lin lao shi's dazu, but i think i really shouldn't do that. cos yang qin is directly in front of lin lao shi and if i keep yawning and yawning, he will get sleepy also... so everybody 不要学我的坏习惯 ok? and i will definitely not yawn during dazu any more... well i will really really try... and oh yeah! joy you need to practise your symbals for sha di er!!! realy really...i know it's very heavy and difficult to play, but i believe that you can do it! fighting!!!

Thursday=> today only jia ni and pei er went for qu lao's lesson. (jia ni and pei er, hope that your lesson with qu lao was fine:D HAHA) and the rest of us all practised qin wang dian bing. i'm so so so so so sorry that me and wei shan went for the ivp draft session and we only came back at 5... SORRY!!! i realised that we really really should not miss any dazu and xiao zu practices... cos i was so not confident when i played qin wang after coming back from ivp, as i miss a whole 2 hours of practice. and then when it's near to 6pm, chew fei was suddenly informed that we were supposed to perform an extract of qin wang during friday's assembly!!! all of us were shocked, and nervous! and in the end we decided to play from the 漫起渐快 and end with 鼓心段 and the last 4 bars of qin wang. and we practised and practised until 6. 30.

Assembly's performance:D => we all arrived school at 6.45 to carry all the drums down and get ready. we did warm us which include treating our laps as drums and 海带券. and then we were still nervous, so stood in our position and played "aired qin wang". but after that, we were still scared that we would forget the score, so we practised many times among ourselves. and finally, we were going to perform! we carried our drums up the 'stage' with the help of the com. members and i was still super nervous. my hand was shivering and i didn't even dare to look at the people's expressions. so in the end, i kept on staring at chew fei and xin yi. although we made small mistakes, but the performance went on fine... but when it reached the 鼓心段, the speed became soooooooo fast!!! and i was so scared that my sticked would drop! but anyways, it's exciting:D i can say that the audience were quite impressed by our performance (although we all know that we can do way better than that:D) because my friends were like saying :"云阁!你们打得很好耶!好羡慕你们哦!" haha. i was so happy when i heard this:) all in all, i think that this is really a very very good experience for us before our real concert in july. and through this performance, we have become more confident on stage, esp for us sec twos, since this is our first time performing our own percussion piece in front of so many people. and also through this performance, we learnt that we can be really nervous on stage, but no matter how nervous we are, we must still stay confident and do our best. and one more thing, since we knew that we can be really nervous, we have to memorise our score very 熟 until we make no mistakes even when we are soooooooo nervous.

Friday=> i didn't go for this dazu because of my cap briefing... so sad... and i heard that friday's dazu was very good! i was so touched when i heard this. for the past few weeks, sheila has been giving us pep talks because the co's morale was low and mrs ee was in a bad mood for the past few weeks because our di yi er hu was lousy ... and the whole atmosphere was like so sad and depressing... but mrs ee was actually happy with our di yi on friday!!! i was really really happy on hearing that, and how can i miss such a important and meaningful prac? BOOHOO!!!

here's what i heard from others:

rachel> mrs ee say 第一有希望了!orchestra can play most of the parts. and we need to lian 方块3

weishan> 扬琴刮得比较好了。以前像龙卷风,现在变比较好了。

yuka> mrs ee was quite happy and she gave us a break:D

Open house
=> today we reached school at 8 and carried ALL of our percussion instruments and yangqins down. then we tuned yang qin and practised qin wang and slacked. mrs ee practised diyi with us and i realised for yang qin, we need to practise more and more from bar 268 onwards. especially me and rachel, we were like totally lost... so must prac harder! and then she gave us a break, then during the break, we practised qin wang and attracted many many many people. haha. so cool! but we still made mistakes so everybody must all go and memorise your score again to get 100% correct. and tong qi parts 加油!i'm sure you all can do it!!! fighting! then the afternoon performances were failures... sad to say... but we couldn't play together... i think may be it was because we are not sure of lai weng's style of conducting, so we dont know when to come in... and another problem was that we were not familiar with our score. like san shi li pu, we have not played this song for so long, so we couldn't possibly play it well. but i think although we are now focusing more on sha di er, di yi er hu, storm warning and dance, and qin wang, we must also prac bali and tai yang more... because we will become 生疏 if we dont practise. especially tai yang, since it's percussion concerto... so yeah... we need to practise more...

morning circle=> morning circle is supposed to start at 7, but i realised that many people only came at 7.10 to 7.20, and by the time we finished out breakfast and wake ourselves up, flag rainsing has already begun... so i think we can improve on that. everybody please try to come at 7 for morning circle, and can we practise qin wang? since concert is near and we need to familiarize with our scores...

lunch prac=> on tuesday we didn't have lunch prac because of sheila's talk session... and on friday i didn't go... what did we do on thurs? i totally forgot... sorry... can somebody who still remember what happened help me write this? thank you!!! i'm so sorry!!!

haha. i think that's all! hope that everybody enjoy your sabbaticals and i'm looking forward to our concert!!!



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