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Thursday, May 29, 2008

oh hello hello!! auntie rae here, and i just realised it's my week this week. ok so i shall post about this week's dazu and xiaozu!!

dazu: i heard that this dazu was bali all the wayy and according to cass, lin lao calls part G the "rocker part" ,which is so cute, hahaha!! ok well, apparently that was about all i could find out ):

from chewfei: we started out with xiaozu in the morn. et came, and QQ FORGOT ABOUT XIAOZU lol. et went through storm... and minimally, qinwang, and also a bit of taiyang was quite good, basically because there were no juniors from your (sec 2) batch (haha no distraction), et followed the timetable for once man, yeah it was just especially silent and efficient

dazu: mrs ee was late, so dazu started at about 9.50am, i think. then we played diyierhu, as usual. well, i guess as a whole orchestra it was much better than before, but everyone still needs more polishing ): jiayou everyone! im sure we can do it!! (:

xiaozu: xiaozu started off with us standing in a straight row, short to tall, then the person in the front has to give the starting cue, then after that we changed places, and changed places again, and did it until everyone came in at the same time. this was to train our 整齐度 and to ensure everyone is alert and not slow. then after that we played qwdb with only one (left) hand, lesson learnt: it's a whole body experience, we have to cherish all our body parts' mucsles and really play properlyy!!!! after that, we picked up our sticks again and played qwdb with our eyes closed. purpose of this is to play the piece from the heart and maximise our taifeng, 'cause apparenty, not everyone's taifeng is to its max, so when no one is lookng and you can see no one you would probably be more willing to do taifeng! (: ok after all the weird but meaning ful activities, we played qwdb. points to take note off: DYNAMICS!! angle of taifeng, volume of our "hei!", speed! er. thats all i can remember for qinwang ):

after qinwang was storm, which the sec2s arent involved. chewfei: not bad actually. tried out the actual arrangement on stage for the layout, but jiani wasn't there, so... makes things less efficient.

taiyang!!!! quite ok, just that for some parts were slower than the original one /: jiayou jiayou!!!

ok i think that's about it for the practices... anything else just add in kae? urgh im tired. i shall go sleep already, goodnight!!

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