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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
okay !
i'm the reporter for this week *grins*
i feel important !
ahaha .
okay.enough crap.

i'm going to post about the sunday concert, and the kbox outing firstie !
because if i wait til friday night, i'l forget everything :x

and now, let's begin this EXCITING POST !

Sunday ACJC Concert:
one word: wow ! (this is so cliché) but anyway, it was nice (:
okay, so we met at city hall mrt, and we ate - .shiz.i forgot the name .OH. MOS BURGER !nice !(:'s the first time i'm eating mos !(okay.i know i'm very deprived, but let's carry on )their nuggets are so fantastic, i tell you. but i totally regretted eating so much, cos i had a TERRIBLE STOMACHACHE RIGHT AFTER EATING !): dang. so i was practically dying on my way to SCH. don't ask me the details, it's sick. but anyway, i survived the journey, but yuka, yunge and i missed the first song due to UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES .alrite. we were in the toilet -.- thankyou yuka and yunge for SACRIFICING for me.ahah (:
then later we went in before the second song, and i couldn't remember the song list because i threw the brochure thing away and i totally can't remember any of the songs so don't blame me !): paiseh ! anyway, i like the conductor !he is so cute.ahahah .(shiz, did i say something wrong ?) and later was...... PEIYAN'S SOLO !ohmy, it was so amazing can. the starting and ending of the song, she played with 2PAIRS OF QINZU (ohmytian, how did she manage to do that?i tried it at home and, you know, ahem ahem.yea. this proves peiyan is a GENIUS), and later there was the strong wind blowing effect !really cool .and her outift was SEXAYE !ahahah .
okay.i'm officially high ! then later, plus minus some songs, the er hu songs were up. maybe it's my ears, or yunge's ears, or both our ears, we felt that there were some 音不准 issues going on there. ohwell, they played two songs, and if i'm not wrong, there was an interval after that. yea. we just chatted with peiyan and guess who we saw ? yes that's right, it's joy's best friend, QQ ! my, she must have loved it to see her disciple playing so well on the yangqin !
after the interval, there was an erhu solo with PEIYAN ON THE PIANO !(: then there were 2 or 3 dazu songs, and then there was a pipa concerto !the pipa soloist is very much like ms yu jia !yuka was like "一模一样!". i like her gown !;DD
and the song was quite nice i guess (: they played 2 out of 3 movements i think, and i personally liked the first movement (:
then after that was encore. got 2 encores man !the second encore was the western piece which the name i don't know but is definitely familiar to me !as well as everyone else !the mr shen guo qin was very high and ke ai and he started bouncing (at least in my point of view) and was like urging the audience to clap as well. ahaha.
so the concert was a success !very enjoyable too !just that i didn't like the free seating thing. dang, we did not get good seats ): then some pple kope our seats also !manzxzxz, if this happens in nyco concert (which i think will most probably happen ), then it'll be a little sad, isn't it?

okay, now is the much anticipated part of the post !

ahaha. we met at somerset mrt at 1.30pm , and then we went over to orchard cineleisure to meet xinyi !(:
then we went up straight to kbox !
when we went in, chewfei started the ball rolling by singing some of her 拿手好歌, like 我怀念的 (: then later more and more pple added in, and i rmb, xinyi and chewfei were singing 笨小孩 !very funny .ahaha .and yes cass, xinyi did sing !ahah.but sadly, that was one of the only times she sang !she was sleeping (or maybe pretending, or laughing in her sleep, whatever she was doing at that time) most of the time , and we tried to force her to sing the , wait let me recall, aiya, some rhapsody which apparently is very difficult to sing !and the mv was soo funny, the boy was soooo comical and, we're not laughing with him ,we're laughing AT HIM. .then we got high when we were singing FAHRENHEIT'S SONGS !seeeeeeee !(: and i don't know why rachel, yuka and yunge were laughing when i randomly shouted arron and mike through the MIKE when we were singing 最近还好吗 and ...出口 !rofl. and in the end, guess what we did !we chose周华建's 朋友, and we had to leave by then, so we did something really retarded: we changed the pitch of the song to like,2 octaves higher? and it was really ghey.really really ghey.and i was blasting it so that everyone could hear it, even outside, and rachel had to go and switch it off !)))): ohwell, we could try that again, maybe with '超ghey' 's voice, and see what the effect is. maybe the glass on the door will shatter o.o
and then we went to the food court downstairs to eat, and chewfei and xinyi went to taka, and i left yuka, yunge and rachel soon afterwards .
let's organise another kbox outing !((: and let's make sure everybody goes and that we'll get this really big VIP room !but let's not go cineleisure. the rooms there are uber small :x we could get larger rooms than the one we had on monday in other places ;DDD

and i liked rachel and yuka's comments !ahaha. shall not post them up here in case i go really really high and maybe start dancing with my dog :x (believe me, i tried it before, and surprisingly, my dog seems to like it o.o)

ALRITO !i shall stop the ranting and highness !
look out for the post about this week's practices !

eee.sounds like the tv news reporter .ahaha .
and i like one sentence chewfei used in her last post,
'26 hands, 13 heads, 1 section. YQP FOREVER!'

yes, it's
*claps, cheers, jumps, screams, waves hands frantically, mass hugs my dog, acts crazy*
oops, you soo didn't see that ;D
ahaha !

bucketfuls of love,
weishan, who hasn't found her nickname yet, and is currently trying out different weird nicknames. yea.

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