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Sunday, May 04, 2008
YAYYAY OKAY HIHI lol i shall...try n limit my post so that i contains less crap and more...uh..content =D

on tuesday, yuka yunge and rachel and i were late cause of some debate thingy. so by the time we got back for lin lao shi's dazu. no. wrong phrasing. it's WHEN we got back, we realised that one yangqin was missing so we had to moveee another yangqin in and it was bad cause...its in the middle of a dazu and a yangqin has to squeeze in. imagine ppl. yup! so but we did it! and then dazu for us begann. uh i dont realli remember anything distinct about that dazu..but i think the yangqin ppl are realli improving by..uh..wads that.bounds n something. OH RIGHT leaps and bounds. yaya so we jumped to greater heights xD and we made less mistakes than before and i think thats realli good. and i think daji was fine too! haha! yea so..its abit short la cause i cant realli remember much...its called stm. lol. sry!

ok this is gonna be even shorter laa...sheesh. cause the sec 2s went for guzheng prac so we missed mrs ee's dazu. but i heard frm cass n chewy that this dazu was one of the best cause di yi actually sounded NICE! haha! which is sad for us cause we HAD to miss such a nice dazu =( aww. but its okay loll if di yi sounded nice, it should sound even nicer next dazu! yup!! and guzheng was fine as we played zhan tai feng. and i thought those who played (rachel yunge n yuka) did a VERY good job! yay! claps!

WAHA SUPER FUNNY LOL LOL!! ok lets start from the mrt. by the time i reached, alot of ppl were there la its whole colony of nyco ppl just standing around. LOL. we were waiting for some of the SLs who went for yfc. so when they came, we all cheered VERY LOUDLY! which was cool! cause we were at an mrt station! LOL! ok then it was dinner! and chewy talked about shaving her head...and cass, wendy and joy disapproved while jiani, me, rachel, yuka and yunge approved. cause its for charity!! but our main concern was about concert...but then smart yunge she said that it'd attract more attention LOL!! which is true!! haha so yea...i think its really good that chewy wants to shave her head cause..well..usually being a girl ur hair's one of the most important stuffs. so...CHEWY THE GREAT AND KIND SL xD hahaha. yea then..we all linked arms and walked in a chain and laughed laughed all the way to the esplanade. then the songs at the concert were nice....some were SUPER nice and some were loooong and dreary that we almost fell asleep =.= and then we observed the guy playing the cymbols and we realised his hands turn once! and not...a million times. LOL so we learnt how to play the cymbols! haha. yea...and the encore pieces were..interesting. =D haha yup okay im sorry i didnt add in the funfun details like when we went up and did the mass hug thingy after seeing *ahem* yea. LOL. cause i gotta go chionggg SIAs! sry!!

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