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Thursday, May 01, 2008
YESYES!!! I logged in for the first time. HAHA. Finally. The first post of my entire life.*Clap*
Ok, I am motivated by Pei Er's post and i guess I should say something as well, sth about our section and taking the opportunity that today is... Labour Dya!!! I should thank my seniors and batchmate for what they did in the past er...five months. ^_^ (Opinions are purely subjective, pls don't feel provoked if i said sth unsuitably)

First up, we have Pei Er, my batchmate and the youngest member in our section.( i feel elated to be a few months older and... relatively taller!HEHE) And I would like to thank her for being humourous throughout pratices,( most of the time, but keep me laughing in front of Qu lao is not really advisable, so ...) keeping me high on the spirit. She is also conscientious and prepared some of the amenities in the yangqin room. I should learn from her. YAY~~although i am still puzzled about the relationship between the scotch tape and the curtain. ?_?

next up, we have Rachel, weishan, yunge, Yuka and Sylvia, my sec 2 seniors!!!!

Rachel: has the ability to lead well, sometimes serious enough to make your juniors awe and your enthusiasm can really spur us to excel.(may be you didn't realise it, but that's what your junior think. :) You learnt and adapted fast.( Qu lao told the sec 1s you only came joined YQP last year, in may.)

Weishan: A understanding senior who is quite mature, adept in YQ and

Yunge: Very mature senior who is good at chinese, excels academically and yet can manage her time so well. Envy~envy~

Yuka: A cheerful and high-pitched senior who brings happiness to our section. Once, tried to take bus 67 with me~~~ But ended up getting lost and alighted half way through.T_T

Sylvia: A polite and helpful senior who tries to help us wherever possible. Delightful PSL, with a cheering smile! B)

In general, I would like to thank the sec 2 seniors for being soooooooo understanding, cheerful and helping me in YQ.
Time for sec 3s!

Xinyi: Enthusiastic and diligent senior who is approachable and pro in percussion~~ I strongly feel that you are proficient in logical thinking skill. Am I right? Thank you for helping us with the technical stuff

Wendy: As what most ppl feel, Wendy is understanding and always ready to help. I still vividly remember the first time I practised Yq(When pei er wasn't here and I stayed in the YQ room for the whole pratice -_-" )I didn't understand how you knew i was feeling a bit cold and lend you jacket to me. It is thought that count, so A big "thank you"!!

Cassandra: A cheerful and the first YQP senior I met. A very adept Xylophone Glockenspiele player. YAY~~ Tried to help me and Pei Er for Ji Ben Gong. BIG BIG thank you for that!!

Jaime and Joy: close friends who always wear the jacket, no matter it rains or shine. Jaime, mature and understanding, Joy is cheerful and always appear to be thinking of sth...
Always try to help the two youngest member of YQP. We appreciate your efforts!

Last but not the least, we have Chewy!!! Our beloved SL, councillor, advanced LITer, YQP's private motivational speaker and...
I think she has the quality of a leader, both psychologically and physically. Let me elaborate: she can manage her councillor and YQP affairs well, ensuring that they don't collide with each other. Enough stamina to cope with study,cca and student council matters. Approachable and open-minded, always looking for opinions. Let me tried timpani, snare on the day when i first came! HAHA! First time in NYGH!!!( it is only someday after that i realise how precious the timpani is)

Ok that's all.

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