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Friday, June 20, 2008
hello hello hello hello rachel here!!

update for the last 2 weeks:

10th June, Tuesday:
VOTING!!! or something like voting. we had to write down nominees for the different posts and put it into a bag. i hard a hard time shuffling the names around /: then it was Mrs Ee's dazu. as usual, it was di yi er hu, but its getting better though! It's starting to sound more and more like a piece which can be presented on stage LOL. and we were pia-ing tribal beats in the afternoon. for comps. tribal beats is fun wheeee (oops i cannot really remember the details ><)

12 June, Thursday:

screams. i totally screwed mine eek eek. oh right, and we were asked what perc instrument we wanted to be, cass said xylo, xinyi said mu yu, i said yun luo, yunge said pai gu, yuka said glock, then weishan said xylo. haha for the exact reasons go and ask the people. LOL

and while the interviews were going on, the CO was having dazu with lin lao shi.  MENG ZHI BALI IS VERY VERY VERY VERY CUTE xD ok but dazu that day wasnt exactly productive 'cause everyone was very distracted by the interviews. and yqp was especially noisy. and we werent just distracted by the interviews, the section was also very worried about chewfei. 'cause she feeling very unwell.  then yunge accompanied her to the doctor at coro, and after the two of them came back, they sat down at the benches near the lift and.. sigh ):

lunch cum celebration for june babies but because of SOMEONE *ahem* xinyi knew about our plans. lol. hah SOMEONE don't worry 'cause no one blames you, 'cause well i guess we had fun too. but then, i forgot the bring the presents so yea. lol. and CHAN XIN YI WAS SO MEAN 'CAUSE SHE DIDN'T WANT TO COOPERATE. eeyyyer xinyi you always like that one lor -.- ahhwells in the end i made her stay upstairs with cass and wendy [wendy came back from UK whee and brought back alot of tidbits haha] while weishan and jaime went to buy food. the rest that happened was sort of er anti-climax so haha nevermind. xD

anywayyyy the cakes that chewfei bought we all very very very very cute!!! 


jaime took the ppg one, weishan took tom cat, then xinyi took James. and the best thing was, no one realised it was james [everyone thought it was thomas] until i pointed out. haha xD

yqp!! <3
it was quite sad that the whole section wasn't there though. ahhwells. we shall all have fun together at the next party. wheeee xD

credits to pei er for the camera! right and i think she has sent the photos to everyone right? i've uploaded them to our Photobucket too (:

xiaozu was tribal all the wayyy... its comps on sunday mahh. of course must chiong lah. 

15th June, Sunday

lol what a gay colour. haha though we didnt win, i think all had fun drawing all over our forearms, drinking bubble tea, crapping.... and of course playing tribal together xD and i know yuka and yunge had alot of fun chatting with mrs ee hahahahahaha xD ahhwells. lets all now jiayou for concert!! (:

17th June, Tuesday
dazu in the morning with linlao, we played SHA DI ER WHEEE though it was a bit sad that at yangqin there was only me and yuka. well generally that day yqp was quite pathetic lah. there were only 5 of us there for dazu : jaime, cass, yuka, weishan, me. everyone else was either still at camp or at MOECO camp. ahwhells.

xiaozu was generally quite pathetic too. i mean, with the few of us plus pei er, what could he do ><  i guess the most productive thing that day was still xiaozu 'cause there was a whole 45mins spent on my semi-quaver rests. i need to get a DIGITAL metronome ):

18th June, Wednesday
it was dazu all the way with mrs ee. then she did diyi for the whole morning and half of the afternon. second half of the afternoon was on shan jian. and yuka do you know, you are damn pro!! xD anyway, i suggest, we put aside another day for tuning, seriously ><>

19th June, Thursday
xiaozu in the morning! cass came up with a timetable and we sort of followed that for prac (: started off with bali, and yea for me it was another one-to-one. but then i think i really imrpved alot, haha at least my notes that come after semi-quaver rests are getting mroe and more accurate, i think. me and cass and yuka need to coordinate more though. jiayou!! then ET went on to shan jian and was prac-ing with weishan and jaime. then me and cass were amusing ourselves with jap phrases hahaha xD after shan jian was storm warning, which toh lao praced with jaime and pei er. then to save ourselves from boredom, cass and weishan and yuka and me started playing crazy pieces [made crazy 'cause of yuka and weishan's gan3 pai1] like xi xun. hahaha (: i guess the perc people next time will really miss the yangqin. LOL. then ET did a bit of qin wang and changed alot of things. alot of things. and i dont really like the changes ):

dazu in the afternoon was with linlao. then he did bali first. my exciting part was sort of screwed 'cause i cant seem to land accurately after the quaver rest. eek. but i refused to change the score even though lin lao suggested. i know im able to do it, so im not going to change the score, no way man. but overall the piece was quite ok, other than the fact that the yangqins were freaking outta tune. the suonas and xianyue and cellobass too. sighhh and because of the tuning, sha di er sort sucked that day because everything sounded wrong. and i wish the guzheng player can be more kai1 fang4, 'cause she's not doing her gua1 zou4 properly, and im quite bothered by it. argh dont ask me why /: and that bloody C sharp on the guzheng was very very off. yuckkk. for daji there was nothing much to say, 'cause there was only cass and weishan and jaime at daji. yangqin ar, there are quite a lot of changes. but nevermind, can manage. haha (:

oh right did i mention, for the whole week, for every day, there were only 5 people present for each practice, and that was only half the section. so damn sad lahh ): but haiya nevermind lah. 'cause when school reopens  everyone will be there again. YAYE. oh right. CHEWY!! CAN WE HAVE MORNING CIRCLE ON MONDAY?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!?!?!? (:

anyway, the sec 2s are very sorry for the delay ><

rachel! (:

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