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Wednesday, June 04, 2008
HEY!! ahahaha okay i shall post about hcco concert and tuesday's dazu plus xiaozu first cause otherwise forgetful me would forget! yes! i will crap cause im feeling sian. right okay on with the important stuffs xD

HCCO concert
because there isnt any feasible eating areas near SCH, so chewfei decided we shuld all meet at 6.45 at SCH to go look for seniors =D so once we reached, yuka went around slamming cards into our faces (but after that i helped her slam cards into other ppl's faces =D) and going "CHOOSE A MARKER!" and we all started writing well wishes on cards for felicia, ziyi and jiang chuan! so then after all that, we went in to sit and yuka and i chopped like. 7 seats for shawn and her section and im guessing we looked very weird cause ppl STARED at us. like this O.O loll. when the bell rang we got anxious and yuka ran out to look for shawn and her late section and she came back with no shawn!! =( but after awhile shawn turned up with. her GANG of section mates LOL!! i like that word. GANG. sounds so. gangly. LOL. right okay yesh so then i sat between yuka and joy. and the concert started! the emcees wore dresses O.o loll but they looked pretty.

so first song they played was 天山盛会 which i thought was nice! i thought it was impressive cause since the song's supposed to depict or symbolize this festival on some mountain where chinese congregate to. celebrate? lol yea! and the song really brought out the. festiveness of it all xD the timpanist was...=.= as in, comparatively, i thought he plays with NO taifeng at all. or rather. VERY LITTLE taifeng. yea. i dont know i may be wrong. but thats what i thought because other than him, the whole perc had ALOT of taifeng. like felicia and ziyi when they played the paigu and this girl when she played the muyu. it really looked nice la even my MOM said so lol!

second song was 水墨气韵. no offence i thought it was quite long....and dreary. loll. the emcees said something like the song was divided into 3 sections but i only remember the first section was peaceful and. long. yea. and then according to the booklet, "the second features the liveliness of a group of people and the third is characterized by the recurring theme of the charm of nature". yesh. i realised i could refer to the booklet LOL. so for the first song, the mountain's called Mt. Tian. (天山) and the chinese "minority tribes congregate to dance the night away". yes. LOL. right and we noticed this. yangqin player. male. and the yangqin looked like a toy in front of him. hahaha so i shant say anymore cause. it's quite mean LOL. right im sorry. no offence. but he plays well haha u can tell he really. enjoys the music and. uh. sort of 陶醉在音乐里. so i guess we should learn from him? cause he has the qulao taifeng too! just that his isnt vertical but horizontal. yea.

next is the xianyue ensemble with the song Czardas. we saw randy playing. yea. and the song i remembered some parts were VERY fast and the amazing thing is. amazing and IMPRESSIVE thing, the erhu ppl played and it sounded like ONE erhu. even for the fastfast part. seriously. i was VERY impressed. haha. they either have alot of mo qi, or they have a very good sense of rhythm and tempo in them. yeap. first part was all played by randy la and that part was slow. sort of like a free tempo part. yesh! overall it was an impressive piece because of how neat and fast it was

fourth song's the tanbo ensemble with the song 雨后庭院. i thought it was a nice song haha. i cant remember much about this song so i shall cope from the booklet =) "This piece depicts the pituresque scene at the courtyard after the rain. It starts by describing the tranquility of the courtyard before building up to end on a high note". RIGHT i remembered there were quite a number of parts whereby each instrument solo-ed. like the liuqin. i remember liuqin solo-ed for one part of the song haha. yea. overall the song was nice =)

fifth song's a Dizi Concerto called 走西口.the dizi soloist was very good...and the whole orchestra played well together with the soloist =) again i cant remember anything distinct about this song. loll. according to the booklet, its supposed to tell a story of a newly wedded couple in the Qing dynasty who was forced to separate due to poverty, depicting their emotional struggle. i seriously cant remember how the song went so. i shall not dwell on this song =D cause there are more interesting ones like DAJI PIECE!! WHEE!

-interval- as usual we highed around until interval's over. LOL.

next song's the liuqin concerto called 江月琴声. yuka thought that the liuqin player was very loud but my experience was that when i focused on other sections like cellobass, yangqing, perc then erhu..i totally forgot that it was a solo piece. as in, i couldnt really tell that he was supposed to be solo-ing. and i realise that point's not really valid because for certain parts of the song, the solo-ist is supposed to blend with the orchestra and not being able to hear him would mean that its good! haha so yes. just to bring out a point even if its. abit. invalid =p lolll like i said i would crap. but again, the liuqin player was good la haha

next! ssabollec ensemble xD haha called Adios Nonino. so cute la the name. nonino. try saying it FAST. nonino! okay anyway! hahahaha. we saaw yiling! yes! vague impression of the song...RIGHT i liked the song! the melody was SUPER nice but according to the booklet, its supposed to be ok fine i like sad songs?? haha. right. but the song was really nice cause the dynamics were expressed very pro-ly so it seems full of. 感情. booklet says "The song includes a long melodic fragment, where an anguished lament underlies. The restrained weeping and pain of Piazzolla is also expressed in this sad passage". yup! but it was a nicenice song!! with a cute name! nonino!

eighth song would be...DRUMROLL......BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM...PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE 老鼠娶亲!!!! IT'S SUCH A CUTE AND ANIMATED SONG!! even their entrance was cute la! they acted like mice and bent their backs and tiptoed in on stage. this guy played the muyu and according to the dynamics of what he played, the "mice" stopped and ran, stopped and ran! AHAHAHA SO CUTE RIGHT! then when the song started, ziyi was playing the paigu and she seemed to be leading the group in the song like how chewfei leads us in qinwang. and i remember the song has quite a lot of question and answer like parts. lik. paigu plays. then the rest follows. the paigu plays again. yea! felicia was playing dagu. oh and we saw our dear bian gus there too! hahaha. right and this girl was playing the pai ban and i thought she played it well cause when she played, it doesnt seem like she's lagging behind or anything. she's right on the beat even thought the pai ban produces two CLACKS with one hit. that time mrs ee's comments to how i played was that i seemed to be lagging behind. so thats something i shuld notice i guess. oh and the 4 people playing dagu and bian gus right, they played the drum very interestingly. they were like. scratching the drum's surface with the tips of the sticks. like. i dont know how to describe lol but it was interesting! haha so overall. IT WAS CUTE!

next song was an orchestra piece called 故都风情. i really cannot remember this tune lol but it was good la. at least it wasnt boring xD

last song 大地回春 was really good too! apparently it was a gold with honours piece. hahaha yeap so OBVIOUSLY it has its standards. right. again. i cant really remember this song. lolll sry!! =(

encore was so cute. i forgot the name of the song but it's some classic song la. hahahaha!! but it was good. which overall means that hcco (jc) is supersuper pro and that NYCO shall be AS PRO FOR ITS UPCOMING CONCERT!! JIAYOU!!

Tuesday's dazu
mainly di yi er hu. very intensive di yi practice lol mrs ee kept repeating the parts which she felt was not up to standard but when the whole song was played once through. i really could hear the improvement la as compared to what it used to be. previously we couldnt even reach the end of the song without having so much mess that we have to stop. now we can and it isnt even THAT messy. SO CLAPS FOR NYCO! JIAYOU SOMEMORE OKAY!!!! right and joy's tambourine. HAHA jiayou joy xD yangqin ppl improved as well cause when i peeked thru the drums and looked at the sticks playing on the yangqin. they were following the song VERY WELL and no mistakes at all for that part. be it luck or skill. there must be an amount of practice behind this dazu that leads to the yangqin ppl playing so well. GOOD JOB!

Tuesday's xiaozu
we prac-ed with qulao and she was VERY fierce can. we did sha di er and apparently. we're very bad and 不熟练 so we must jiayou! prac harder! and play it with all the emotions and 眼泪s u can muster!! jiayoujiayou! andd shan jian was fine. qulao was quite pleased with. our part. hahaha! yay! xD so she did dynamics with us and taifeng as well. LOL. yeap!

okay. time for homework. havefun reading this super loooong and crappy post!!!!

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