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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Information about the committee interviews!

Interview Dates: 
12/06/08, Thursday and 17/06/08, Tuesday
Time: Practice sessions
Venue: Music Lab

Order of sections by request of SLs, and order of members are by the classes and levels.

Yangqin Percussion (1st section to get interviewed)
Foo Yun Shuen Cassandra
Wendy Yue
Chan Xin Yi
Sylvia Tang Xiu Wei
Tan Rui Qi Rachel
Goh Xiao You Yuka
Guo Yunge
Rachel Lim Wei Shan

Yep, our section beats the record by having 100% of our members as nominees :D

Oh and, please don't be misconcepted that we, Yangqin and Percussion, will be completely unrelated after the new committee has been selected. (After all, there is a Chinese saying that goes 藕断丝连, yes?) We will continue existing (and operating) as YQP! The only difference is that each person will have a 'major'.

For example, when the Yangqin 'specialists' do not have practice, they can always join Percussion for sectional practice! However, if you are needed during sectionals, you are obligated to go for it (just like what we're currently doing). Also, you will play your 'major' instrument during 大组unless there is a lack of players on either side. In any case, both SLs will work closely (which brings us to the next point) and continue to ensure that YQP will not segregate into groups because of their 'major'.

The rationale behind having 2 SLs is to increase efficiency with minimal effort. Unlike other sections, YQP has 2 instructors and contrary to popular belief, 2 very different instruments to master. Therefore, our SL would be doing double the work in terms of organisation as compared to other SLs.

So to conclude, YQP WILL NOT BECOME TWO SEPARATE ORGANISATIONS! Please do not worry about losing your sectionmates because you won't! (:

Okay that's all! Thank you for reading. JIAYOU FOR THIS SUNDAY!

Siao-ed 1:32 AM


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