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Friday, June 06, 2008
right! IM SORRY i didnt know that was HARRY and that was JIANG CHUAN!! i totally forgot what they look like. SORRYY!! yea but jiang chuan was pro xD haha. and harry's first timer so. OKAY no wonder. haha.

Thursday's dazu (lin lao shi)
for this dazu we did pure sha di er and i must say it actually sounds quite nice =D esp the cello part when sha di er died and they're supposed to 有气无力 or 无气无力 and jian qiang (i dont know which one la but the second one makes more sense but the first one sounds more familar =.=) right. but the feel was there. as in, im nt sure if it's the music, the instrument or they way they play it i thought it really brought out the after-war kinda feel. OH and timpani plus crash cymbols brought out that. smokey smokey feel as well! haha! YES so sha di er SOUNDED NICE PPL!! YAY CLAPCLAP continue adding oil!

for yangqin, i think we improved quite abit cause i remember last time we could only play what. at most one note =.= then we'd get lost. but now we can actually follow through the whole song (with abit of mistakes here and there but its passable!) so it's an achievement! yay! but then one point to note. i think we've gotta be neater esp for the 带着眼泪的歌 part. yea cause all the luns sometimes makes it sound very luan and cause that part features tanbo so we have to be neat and tidy and nice!! =D

(for mrs ee's dazu i forgot to ask. i shall ask THEN post about it xD yup!)

Friday's 补课 with qulao:
okay it was quite. fun i guess. LOL. cause it was. just. pracing jiang jun ling. and we tuned and oiled the yangqins till they're tuned and the whole m402 is oily!! YAY! oh and then. uhhhh. yeayea i think our. how to say. skill? in YQ has improved as well because the 音色 when we play is no longer soft and fuzzy but loud and. ringy. ya! so. YES it's an improvement! also, i think rachel's side-reading has improved alot! because she only learned YQ for about a year and she can SIDE READ O.O CLAP PEOPLE dont u find it pro. i couldnt even side read when i was in p school la. lol. yeap. oh yea and two sentences to take away for the lesson


that's all! =) BYEBYE

Siao-ed 7:07 PM


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