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Sunday, June 29, 2008
sorry! i'm supposed to post for this week's xiaozu and dazu... but i only remembered just now... i was reading romeo and juliet, it's so hard! i want to die already... *sigh*...

tuesday dazu:
we practised sha di er for the first one and a half hours and bali for the next one and a half hours. for sha di er i think our section is quite ok, and for yangqin, lin lao shi said that our 强弱对比 should be more. so we shall take note of that the next dazu. and for bali, i think may be we should prac a bit more on that, because some of us still tend to play wrongly sometimes... expecially me, i'll really try to play the timpani a lot louder the next time. jia you!

thursday xiaozu:
the sec twos spent the whole three hours practising yangqin. but qu lao was really in a good mood! she was soooooo patient man! so xiao zu was actually quite fun! we practised sha di er and a bit of jiang jun ling. she said she's going to ask us to play sha di er parts one by one next week, so we need to prac sha di er more. sorry, can somebody post about storm warning and dance?

friday dazu:
we practised diyi and taiyang finally! for diyierhu, i think yangqin need to practise the last page more, cos we are still not very very 熟练yet. and the rest are okay i think... and for taiyang! haha. i was sooooo nervous, cos we haven't been playing it for such a long time! but it turned out to be better than i expected... i was so scared that the other sections forgot how to play it... haha. but anyways, jiayou for taiyang!!! prac more!!!

saturday xiaozu:
everybody 都有一点无精打采... but 我们还是熬过了那漫长的四个小时... (我突然想用华文写,请多包涵。呵呵~)

所以秦王改改的地方都改了,大家就是喜欢还是不喜欢现在的改变,都得接受现实。就像mrs ee and toh lao 说的,技术上我们可以了。现在欠缺的就是感觉,和舞台呈现。所以,我觉得大家可以花时间想象怎样让音乐活起来。。。其实我也不知道怎么解释,所以大家就自己慢慢去揣摩吧。lixian from sheng跟我说我们的秦王廷好的,挺有趣的。所以,我们要对自己有信心。因为我觉得要向感动别人,就得先感动自己。所以自己喜欢what we are playing, 很重要。愿秦王点兵更上一层楼!

morning circle:
a lot of people are not coming down to morning circle... chew fei said that we can do whatever we want during morning circle, so if you have homework, you can also bring down and do. so i hope that more people can come down for morning circle.

lunch prac:
chew fei said that from now on, 每个人都必须必须必须要来lunch prac. no excuse is valid. 做功课,project等理由一律无效。总而言之,每个人都要来lunch prac.

本小姐就说到这里,大家散会!呵呵~ (无视我吧。我现在正在发神经当中。。。)

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