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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Hello Why Kill Pee,

Today the whole of our section (with the exceptions of Jiani, Pei Er, Jaime and Joy) headed to Cathay Cineplex for a once-in-a-lifetime movie watching experience! You can also call it a section movie outing. Of course, it was a deserved treat since our block tests are over finally! Also, dating back a little earlier, we did so well for our concert - They don't call us NYCO for nothing, do they! Or, Yang Ching Dah Chee Association. Such a grand name for such a godly group of people. Indeed. :)

We were contemplating on the movie choices from Red Cliff to Prom Night to Hellboy to NC16 movies (naughty naughty!) but we eventually decided on Batman: The Dark Knight. The movie was enjoyable, added on by the fact that we paid discounted tickets at only $6 each. Just wanted to share about the two lovelies who sat next to me throughout the whole movie:

Yun Ge - (In Chinese) "Oh my! It is so scary! No he looks so frightening!" *Curls up at my shoulder* 15 minutes later she asks me what happened. Initially I thought she was just too scared to look at the screen (what with the Two-Face or Joker). Later I discovered that she fell into a deep slumber. Lol.

Rachel - *Crawls behind windbreaker. Peeps up occasionally. Has a permanent :S expression on the face. Very scared.*

All that, for The Dark Knight. Haha, have you two actually seen actual HORROR movies like The Ring or Shutter? I guess not. You have a long way to go. :P Well as usual the usual suspects like Sylvia, Wei Shan and Yuka were quite noisy throughout the whole movie. -_- As I mentioned, such was a constant source of noise pollution everywhere they went. No wonder you belong to the Percussion section - all of you are boisterous like the drums and gongs! Being so comparatively silent, Wendy, Xin Yi, Cassandra and I must be the triangle and pengling and spoilt paigu and faulty marimba key et cetera.

That is about all. Let us have another outing soon! Great time today! :D

Your Bald Shuaige,

Siao-ed 9:03 PM


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