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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Hello YQP!

Okay I'm not trying to get negative around here, but I'm sure most know that today's dazu was quite unsuccessful.

1) The auditorium's acoustics were horrible (partially because the soundboards weren't set up). Which pretty much screwed the whole orchestra up. And it made the sound balance bad.

2) We haven't had a proper session of Taiyang since CNY, so it's currently pretty darn horrendous and we have 2 practices left. Shanjian is okay except we need to come in ACCURATELY, with Mrs Ee.


Comments from audience on today's Taiyang (our FINALE item!)

1) 铜器s were most prominent in whole percussion section, but were not in sync with the orchestra. Players were sometimes uncertain with rhythms. Please practice with your metronome (this applies to EVERYONE)! And revise your techniques!

2) Drums sounded muffled and were sometimes inaudible. Possibly due to the curtains, but all should remember to aim for articulation and rhythmic accuracy, especially at the cadenza and sections with syncopated rhythms.

3) Mallet instruments can be louder, though it's pretty hard when the whole orchestra's playing at the same time. Yun luo can be more certain.

4) Cadenza lacked vibe. Players need stamina and more ENERGY. (The cadenza is the most exciting part! Must IMPRESS the audience :D) Dynamics were not observed well enough. AIM FOR THE EXTREMES! Just like QWDB or Storm Warning & Dance, go super soft or super loud and make sure it sounds like crescendo when there is one. Everything is always watered down from the audience's perspective.

5) Orchestra was not together. From audience POV, it was a blur of... stuff. As Mrs Ee said, everyone appeared to lack confidence. A way to compensate this is taifeng, which tells the audience that you know what you're doing.

6) (Actually this problem only applies to me) I can't see anyone in our section without platforms except maybe Cassandra when she's playing marimba, but I can't hear her because I'm standing between GUANYUE, the volume powerhouse. And it echoes real bad so when it's the cadenza Yunge sounds like she's half a beat behind me which apparently isn't the case. So I wonder whether I should mind my own business or slow down. But till then, I shall turn to the... metronome.

WORK HARD PEOPLE! DON'T LET MRS EE, MR LIM, ET, QQ, OUR SENIORS AND THE SEC 4S DOWN! This is our final performance with their batch! ): JIAYOU YQP! Remember, 900+ people paid $10 each to watch this concert!

丝竹情韵in 3 days!

-Xin Yi

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