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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Hello YQP...

5 days left to NYCO Concert 2008 - Are you excited, nervous, or feeling a flurry of mixed emotions? No matter what, I hope you feel something at least. Nothing is worse than feeling nothing and being a robot... Just some words to say before our big day:

Jaime & Joy: Aye Jamme and Joy, it is the last concert and official performance with NYCO already! I don't know how you feel - but I am saddened. Very, yes. The few years with this orchestra has built up a love so concrete, when it comes to nought after Friday I am afraid it will take away a very part of me. Shall we hug and cry together and freak out the juniors? Perhaps we should! Meanwhile, just thank you for being my peers all this while...

Cass, Wendy & Xin Yi: Your batch is very special to my heart - You should all know you are to me, in many other ways, more than just juniors. Each of you different, in some way. I am quite sure you three will prosper in your own rights even after the seniors' departure, so strive on and persevere. Thank you for being a integral part of my YQP journey. I will miss you all dearly. I know it sounds downright perverse, but I love you three a lot. Yes. :)

Syl, Rae, Yunge, Yuka & Wei Shan: Dearest little juniors! I have watched you grow from immature young ones to the wiser people you are today! Through your laughter, jokes, and smiles, I have learnt more from you than just positivity. The past year has allowed me to understand each of you a lot better. You guys have potential - Just keep learning in the right way with the correct attitude. Keep holding on! I will always be here, there, or anywhere, if you need me anytime.

Jiani & Pei Er: And for the youngest of us all... I admit I hadn't been a really wonderful senior to you two since I was busy with my other stuff and the others. I hope you enjoyed your time in my term as the SL. Or at least, learnt things that were important. Beyond just technique and playing, but also life values that I had wanted to impart to you. You still have a long way to go ahead of you... Be strong, and never give up!

As I type this, I feel tremendously empowered to say that I really love YQP. Thank you for the memories all these while. NYCO Concert 2008 - An event we won't ever forget for life. Even if the section splits up technically after this, YQP will still be YQP if we still value the bonds forged. All the best for Friday, and also for Block Tests too. More importantly, take good care of yourself and show the best you can, ever!


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