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Sunday, July 13, 2008
wheee this week is my turn to post! (:

8th July, Lin Lao Shi's 1st Dazu in the Auditorium:

as usual, we spent the whole lunch transporting down our instruments. even though that it was only bali and sha di er, we still had to move almost the whole of percussion down. ahhwells. but at least some others helped us out, so we had a little bit more time wuahaha xD

the yunluo was a bit of a problem 'cause it cant fit into the lift then we couldnt find anything that we could use to take out the screws of the yunluo stand /: so in the end we had to man-handle the whole thing down the stairs... it was hard to coordinate 'cause this yunluo is obviously different from the last one and we are going DOWN the STAIRS. ): the marimba was carried down too, yep.

the suspended cymbal stand came off detached again!! thats another nuisance too ):

everyone went back to class sweating and stinking.

a few things noted during BALI:
1)muyu is abit out among the keyboard instruments, but i dont have a choice if not i dont have time to run ):
2) yuka you have to prac your yunluo part!!! D:
3) sylvia has to try to put down the ocean drum without making noise. thats hard
4) it sounds very... empty. ):

ahhwells. alot of things just sound different in the audi, both in a good way and bad way.

a few things noted during SHA DI ER:
1) the fast parts can be faster, i think... and i know cass thinks too.
2) bar 229 is not bao4 enough, i think.

k forget it. basically, Sha Di Er sounds quite dead, especially towards the end..... and thats bad.

10th July, Mrs Ee's dazu:
lunch prac was basically crap. i dont think it was productive at all ): M401 wasnt opened, 'cause some teacher (probably Mdm Oehlers) was holding on the key and we couldnt get to it. so lunch prac was sort of spent on tuning the yangqins. ahhwells.

xiaozu, which was from 3pm to 4pm, wqas used to prac storm warning and dance [would someone like to update the section (or rather the sectwos) about stormwarning?], and tuning yangqins (both activities happening simultaneously). then qq came and wrecked all the fun. she was like so mean that day.... ): kae shant elaborate.

dazu started at about 4.30pm... i think. then we started with Di Yi, which was generally quite ok. but cass!! jiayou for your 引子!!

then shanjian, which is quite screwed, considering the fact that we only have 5 days left to concert, and that there are still people who know how to come in, and there are still quite a number of technical problems not solved. eek. and i have to remember that i come in the first beat, not the third. yuckyuckyuck.

11th July, Mrs Ee's dazu:
school ended early at 12.15, [wuahaha xinyi bought McD for us xD] so there was xiaozu from 2pm to 3pm, which was spent on tuning yangqins, and i have no idea what was happening in m401 at that time. someone update? but i must say, it was the first time that i had an enjoyable time tuning the yangqins. hahah right sectwos? ;D

dazu started of with Diyi, as usual, and after the recording, cass actually commented that it sounded quite nice. wuahahahaha! and cass!! you got all your
引子 parts correct! YAYYEEE!!!!!

i feel sad for meixin, really. but now that mrs ee has changed meixin's part to chinsian, i hope that that particular segment of the piece would be nicer (:

shan jian is.....bad. ): and i think everyone knows why that is so. ohmygoshh.....

some of us stayed back all the way till 7pm to prac taiyang. oh my taiyang. i wonder how long have we not played taiyang with the whole orchestra already ):

jiayou jiayou YQP!! as much as i know how everyone is going to freak out as the date draws near, i suggest we all keep calm. calm increases efficiency.

right btw, tues and thurs pracs next week are both in the audi, tues is mrs ee's pieces, thurs is full rehearsal without CO uniform. and we have LOA on thurs from 1pm onwards. so for now you can cheer yourself up by checking out what lesson(s) you would be missing (:

and friday is... concert.


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