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Monday, August 04, 2008

sorry, some things to clarify!

concerning rachel's post (actually my thoughts are in a mess now they're mixed up with geog content and all swimming around) so i'll just type randomly alright! hopefully it's coherent enough!

i understand that as NYCO, we seek to play music from our hearts.
to play the best that we can, music that we are proud of.
including at syf.
so syf doesnt just encompass competition, and yeah, like laiweng said, gold with honours probably isn't all it's worth.
but i just want to mention this.
no matter how much we tell ourselves otherwise, the award still matters.
yes, it may not be the most important thing.
it is not the only thing worth working for.
but i assure you, it matters whether you get it or not.
i'm not sure if all of you will agree, but that's really what i feel.
it's not good to just compete, but neither is it right to just go for syf without a goal.
rambling like mad.
main point?
i'm just concerned that all of you might get too complacent.
maybe i'm wrong, but that's just a worry for all of you as a senior.
so i just want to say, dont get complacent.
gwh doesnt come easy.
good music doesnt come easy either.
you've all done very well for concert, i'm proud of all of you.
keep up the good work, but dont be satisfied with where you are and keep pushing your boundaries.
and i'm sure at syf next year, when we hear you play, we'll all be proud of you.

why kill pee:D

Siao-ed 9:06 PM


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