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Sunday, August 17, 2008
Joy the zoybean/poo speaks.

Warning: Long and probably cheesy post. Forgive me, I'm getting on in my years.

I'm finally done with the super long post that I've been meaning to type, so here it is. (This is copied from my own blog.) I bet there'll probably be a lot of grammer errors but I don't care.

My last day as an official NYCO member has ended. Seniors have already stepped down, and the new committee is finally taking over. All these mark the end of my journey with YQP in NYCO. So how do I feel? I don't know, there's a whirlwind of emotions, actually, and since I'm never good with words and all the cheemysheemy stuff, you'll have to bear with me for the next 2,000+ words or so..

Now, let's start all the way from the beginning.

When I just came last year, I was extremely terrified of dazu. I still remember my first dazu, when I hit the first note on my gong at the wrong time. My hands were seriously freezing and I told myself that oh no I'm not going to enjoy this at all ): and I wondered how I'm going to get through two entire years. I really dreaded CCA a lot, and I didn't really feel like talking to anyone.

I still remember my first day at CCA. It was xiaozu. I didn't really expect much because I wasn't particularly into percussions at that time. I still remember the times when I'd just show up for CCA being really antisocial and keep quiet and not talk to anyone. (Well that's just me. I'm super quiet around people I'm not familiar with) so I was pretty much a loner at first, keeping to myself all the time, trying to make as little contact as possible with those around me in CCA. I even felt really very inferior because I just joined Nanyang as a sec 3 student last year and hey, I was actually learning the same stuff as the sec 1s. I felt horrible; I even called my batchmates 'seniors' because it just didn't feel right to call them batchmates. They were just so much better than me. But soon, I got over my inferiority complex and really opened up. I became more confident in myself, accepted new friendships, and started getting used to my CCA. After a year plus of bonding and everything, I must admit that I have really fallen in love with NYCO. I fell in love with my CCA, my section, and chinese music as well. I'm not scared of dazu anymore, and I've learnt to enjoy it just as much as I enjoy xiaozu. NYCO has turned into my passion, and the daji area in M401 is just like my second home. It's so amazing that I've grown so much closer with every single member of YQP, and I even feel more bonded with YQP than I am with my own class. I don't know. I just feel a lot of NYCO, especially YQP. They're really a nice and wacky bunch, and honestly, I don't regret coming here at all. As a matter of fact, I'll regret it a lot if I didn't come here.

I just want to say that I'm very, very proud to be from NYCO and YQP, and that I'm really proud, happy and grateful to have made such brilliant friends who shared so many memories with me. Having animated discussions about beloved QQ and ET, running in the rain to board a bus to coronation plaza for lunch, talking crap and making so much noise on the way to YST for marimba masterclass, showing up randomly at our ex-SL's house to give her a surprise birthday party (and then proceed to turn her room into a complete warzone because of all the rubbish on the floor), walking in huge circles (we held hands) in shopping centres in order to not get lost, stacking up chairs and building barricades around our instruments and then grinning proudly at our end product, practicing taifeng for qwdb in front of the reflective windows of the IT control room and laughing because we made those IT people let down their curtains, practicing in all sorts of weird places like the toilet and at the huge balcony on the fourth floor (to “sun” horrible-sounding drums at the same time), moving instruments up and down four storeys and shrieking all the way as we carry the marimba down manually, playing with the stupid but amusing shrieking chicken just hours before our concert, dancing like complete gay idiots backstage during the concert trying to loosen up our stiff necks and arms, touching and rubbing our ex-SL's bald kiwi-like head (that was back then, she's already officially promoted to 'durian'!) for “good luck”, pouring awful-smelling powder over our drums just to get the cool "effect" when we hit them (and to choke the audience as well), and of course, unning all over the place bare-footed to move instruments back at midnight after that because we simply hate court shoes, as unglam as that may sound. And so on. All the weird shit we did together will be remembered! I'll really miss them a lot next year. Being weird/hyper/crazy/insane is like the YQP trademark!

16th August 2008 was our qinggongyan + YQP sec 4s farewell dinner at marina square + xy's house. supposedly! It's such a pity that I didn't get to go to shin's house in the end because it was already late and my parents were dragging me home. Ah well, at least we had fun for 12 entire hours (10am to 10pm) as a section! We listened to the concert recordings in M3 during the qinggongyan, and when it was qwdb, I actually sprained my neck due to excessive "taifeng" when our section was attempting to play along to it. Haha anyways after that there was this award for each and every senior, and I got the "weirdest senior" award! Welllllll hahaha, and cass just randomly shouted out something like "senior with the most number of facial expressions!" when I was receiving the "prize" (3 lollipops + a heart shaped note from NYCO) .. hmmm! Okay moving on. Next was making our way to marina square for dinner(: YQP were rushing/running/sprinting like mad, as always .. (the typical "huge-lump-of-yellow-people-scrambling-across-the-city" kind of thing.) alright lets fast forward that part. Dinner! We were grilling/cooking/boiling/frying our own food, and there was the selfless yuka who kept cooking for others. Awww. Fast forward to dessert! We only decided to have dessert because we were only allowed to stay for another hour if we did, and so we started frying our own icecreams. It was seriously F-U-N okay so we mixed vanilla and tea together and we got some weird stuff that looked and tasted like playdoh HAHAHA but we ate them anyways. The YQP icecream making session was a success! -big grin- so basically, the whole day just involved crapping, crapping, some cooking, some zapping (static), some emo-ing, and more crapping. Well, why emo? All of you should know very well that Joy is hardly emo. I don't cut myself.. but rah, the stuffs that the juniors wrote for us were simply (place appropriate word here). Jiani and Pei Er gave all the sec 4s a card and a tiny soft toy thing. I got a "determination" card and "greenie" (IKEA soft toy :D) and also, each of the sec 4s got an orange notebook, and everyone from the rest of the section wrote in it. So chew and I decided to read them together on the MRT! Haha right in front of our sectionmates who diedie didn't want us to read. Yea and being the (place appropriate word here) me, I read and just literally broke down on the spot. I didn't care about the strangers who were casting weird looks at me at all. I don't know what got into me, seriously, because I was really really emo when I read the stuff, and I just started crying on the MRT. Guess who's entry made me cry! Haha, it was cass's. She wrote it in such an emo way it was hard to NOT cry when reading it :/ Anyways, I finally calmed down after rachel said something like "your contacts are going to swim out if you continue crying". Hahahaha, but yea after that we went to the bus interchange to take a bus to shin's. I really really thought I was going to her house! Until my parents called to say that it was already really late, so in the end I had to say byebye to the section there ): Ah wells, hugs were exchanged blahblahblah. And then it was home for me. Sigh :/

NYCOYQP is really a huge, huge part of my life in nanyang, and I simply cannot imagine the emptiness that I will experience the minute I graduate and cross the bridge. Life will be so different, so empty, and so bare without YQP. We've been through so much together, and even though the memories will always stay, things will never ever be the same again.

But no matter what, NYCOYQP will never be forgotten, and I will take every piece of memory with me when I move on to JC. I'm really happy to have been part of something so wonderful, and I feel really lucky to have been at the right place, at the right time. If I had chosen to go to RGS instead of NYGH, I would never have known YQP at all, and I probably would've ended up being part of something else, something else that can never be as good as this. NYCO and YQP are the best things that ever happened to me, and I will definitely miss and cherish every single memory we had together. I love all of you, YQP! Okay maybe I should say them separately. It'll sound more sincere(: Alright, in alphabetical order.. I love you, cassandra (curly cuttlefish)! I love you, chewfei (shuaige/choo/kiwi/durian)! I love you, jaime (panda/jamma)! I love you, jiani (nickname-less at the moment)! I love you, pei er (nickname-less too)! I love you, rachel (teddybear/rae/racialharmonday)! I love you, sylvia (silver)! I love you, weishan (ex-mom)! I love you, wendy (weasel)! I love you, xin yi (shinny/shinanigans/shin/zinny)! I love you, yuka (yoga/yuki/maria)! I love you, yunge (clouds o.o?)! All of you are special and unique in your own ways, and this is what makes YQP YQP. So look forward to the RICO concert day! That will most probably be the last section outing for the year ): ahhhh. Anyways yup, look forward to it, everyone. I'm still in the process of writing all of you letters ;) this is so uncreative, I know, but RAH it's still nice(: hahaha!

Alrightttt, lets take a break from all that emo-ness! Okay. I've been doing something lame all this while. Surprise, surprise! I've been googling all of your pictures, my dear YQP. Moohahaha >) I was like LOL-ing all the way. Okay okay here goes. Don't feel offended or anything k, lets all laugh along :D I'll put the word I googled in inverted commas!

I tried "chewfei" at first, and was quite shocked to see that the first picture was really chewfei. 0.0 Yea so I googled "Shuai" instead and got this.

Haha omg I just realized that the white diamond thing is at a rather inappropriate place. COUGHUZ!


This is Jaime and her.. 'drum'.

Whoa Jaime, taifeng eh! But it looks as if they're blowing dizis. Okay those are bamboo sticks.

3. CASS!

Her family and friends 0.0

Hahaha okay she looks really sian.

4. XIN YI!

Hahaha this is SO xin yi.


It's actually titled "Shinny Angel. It's all love." LOL xin yiiiii!
Okay I can't see this pic on the blog ): Just right click, picture properties and go to the url to see(:



"I Am Weasel"

Wendy and her.. best friend. (I think that baboon's butt is meant to fit into its nostrils)

"Teddy bear"

I think this looks exactly like rachel! I don't care.


HAHAHA apparently it means "exercising mom" or something.


Oh great my mom just came into my room and she was wondering what I was doing. Haha okay MOVING ON!!

8. YUKA!

Awwwww, yuka (or Yuki) is on the left!


Haha I actually had a hard time looking for pictures labelled Yuki and Maria which are not scandalous/p0rny. ._.”


Hello sylvia, this is you. Hahaha omg she actually looks kind of cute 0.0 big tummyyyyyy

10. YUN GE!
"Yun Ge"

Okay I have no idea why this cells image showed up but it IS labelled "Yun Ge" 0.0 Haha maybe she should become a doctor next time(:

11. JIANI!

Hahaha omg okay this is hell freaky
"You've Changed."
*stares like Michael Jackson*
I don't even know who this is, haha-.-

12. PEI ER!
"Pei Er"

This is labelled "Dr Eugene PEI ER". Wait, Eugene?!

and wheeee, we're done! Alrighto. I'll be nice and contirbute two pictures of zoybean (:

The POD word looks like POO. Anyways no I didn't know there was a restaurant called zoybean!-.-

I so do not look like that.
k this is disturbing.


Anyways, back to the emo/sentimental post. You know what, I have a really bizarre idea. I don't care I shall say it anyways. 60 years later, when we all become old teethless and wrinkly grannies carrying old fashioned purses, I will look everyone up and we shall have a YQP Grannies gathering. Who knows, maybe we can have a mini playing session then. Haha, I wonder how many of us will still remember qwdb 60 years down the road. (Maybe we'll all end up in the same 老人华乐团 in some community centre!) But yes, when we meet up again, we shall bring our drumsticks along and relive all the wonderful yang ching dah chee memories. I think we'll all become those naggy old grannies who reminisce to their grandchildren all the time. "想当年... 我在舞台上多风光! 当年我们的打击乐是多么的有动感啊!" Hahaha sheesh, I wonder how things will be like then. So yeah, bring along your drumsticks, people! Even if they're all lousy and dusty and on the verge of falling apart. It'll be a better choice as compared to letting them breed termites at home right. I don't mind breaking my last few fragile bones playing the drums at such an old age too, man! ((((:


I know this is just one heart, but trust me, it's big enough. it's 10000001 kilometres long, 10000001 kilometres wide, and 100000001 kilometres thick. It's huuuuuuge!


Siao-ed 6:45 PM


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