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Sunday, August 10, 2008
When you were 5, mummy brought you out for an outing to the zoo. You see an ice cream vendor, and you pointed at it, facing your mummy : "mummy, i want!" 
but mummy says "no". 
you cry.
mummy softens up, and got you your favourite ice-cream. cookies and cream
and you smiled radiantly. 
This is happiness.

When you were 8, you went out shopping with your mum on a typical saturday, to paragon, OG, takashimaya... you walked past toys r us, and u see a big monopoly set. You stared at mummy with that big teary eyes, pointing at that, saying "mummy! i want!"
mummy looked at the price, turned around with a concentrated look, and said "no, wait till there's discount."
you started begging, tears almost coming out, "please mama!"
mummy looked at it again, turned around and sighed. 15 minutes later, you skipped out of toys r us, with mummy behind u carrying a big plastic bag.
This is happiness.

When you turned 12, your friend called you and invited you to a birthday party. You took a breathe and asked mummy if u could go.
mummy drank a cup of water, looked at the calendar and said, " but its 2 months to PSLE. You should be studying now."
you started whining, " MMMMmmmm, mummy, please? i'll study after that! Please? please? please?"
mummy looked at you," only if you really promise. If you don't study when u come back, there will be no more parties."
you agreed hastily, " yes, i will! i promise!"
And you went for the party and had loads of fun.
This is happiness.

And now you turn 15, and you went for an outing with your friends. You asked your mum if you could stay out for dinner, your mum looked at you and said yes. You smiled, and continued talking on the phone. The day came, and soon, you finished watching the movie. You settled down with your bunch of friends and was about to eat your dinner, when your mum called and shouted at you ," COME HOME NOW. Didn't i ask you to come home at 8?!"
you were dumb-founded, "er, no."
she snapped back, " come home now!"
and you went, feeling all sad, pissed and everything but happy.

its outrageously true :( sadly

Siao-ed 9:58 PM


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