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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
You know there are 3 things that make me an exceptionally unlikeable person:

1) grumpiness
2) tiredness
3) hunger

And today there is a lethal combination of all three. Moooo. I'm grumpy because of work. I'm tired because of work. I'm hungry because I did work. Therefore, work is the root of my unhappiness. Does work suck or what?

Okay now for the main point... Please work hard YQP!

I know the very important EOYs are coming, and everyone wants to study.

I know that exams and results are far more important than competitions.

But what I request is not much. It is less than the essentials.

Practice at least 15 minutes a day. Don't lose touch after 2 months.

I'm sure there are a few guilty ones who never practice at home. For that I shan't express disappointment, but it is wholly up to you whether you want to be consistent and even improve, or slack off and let the rest of the section wait for you.

Have you ever wondered why 基本功 is considered a basic necessity? Whether you play yangqin or percussion, you always do warm-ups. Personally I wouldn't even mind spending half my practice time doing 基本功, because without the technique you cannot even play things correctly, much less musically. If you struggle with hitting the right notes or rhythm at the correct tempo, there is no room for musicality.

As you know, after our exams we will only have about 1.5 months to prepare for such an important competition. We therefore cannot afford to waste time "catching up" after 2 months of stagnation. Just 15 short minutes every day. You can practice during TV commercials, during breaks, before bedtime, anything.

The Sec 3s will be away for 2 weeks in China, and ET won't be free enough to help us all the time.

Practice 基本功, learn to keep a steady tempo, perhaps even learn to perform, rather than just playing the notes.

To end off, a quote from my Math teacher (yes, unlikely but true):

"Practice as if you are at your worst. Perform like you are at your best."

Siao-ed 11:42 PM


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