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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Hey everyone! Those involved this Saturday, make sure to ask for parent's consent orally (no consent form given). Teachers will be asking your parents tomorrow to check. Also bring your white blouse and long black pants tomorrow for standardization.

Attire for Saturday's rehearsal: Any casual white shirt (as plain as possible), long pants (dark-coloured, no jeans) and court shoes. Strictly no uniform or school-related shirts as we are not representing school.

Attire for actual day: White blouse, tie, long black pants and court shoes. Bring plasters (for shoes) if necessary. Hair accesories must be black. All should be neat and presentable. Bring foundation, blusher and lipstick/gloss. (At least minimal makeup must be put on, the lights there are very bright!)

Schedule for Saturday's rehearsal:
7.30 am: Report at M401, move instruments down
8.15 am: Lorry leaves pick-up location. We make our own way to the place, by cab or bus.
9.15 am: Lorry arrives at performance venue. Unload and move instruments.
9.30 am: Report, wait for our turn on stage.
10.00-10.30 am: Our allocated slot
10.45 am: Lorry arrives. Load instruments.
11 am: Lorry leaves. We make our own way back.
12 nn: Lunch!
(May have practice after lunch, unconfirmed)

Schedule for actual day:
10 am: Report at M401 and practise!
12 nn: Lunch, chat, relax, nap
2.15 pm: Wash up, get changed, put on make-up, move instruments down
2.45 pm: Lorry arrives
3 pm: Lorry leaves pick-up location, we make our own way there. (Cab)
4 pm: Lorry arrives at performance venue. Unload instruments, report, wait. (Last-minute foundation/blusher too)
4.45-6.30 pm: Showtime!
6.45 pm: Lorry arrives, we leave
7.30 pm: Put everything back in M401, go home (:

Remember to DO YOUR BEST! :D 加油加油加油!


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