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Saturday, March 21, 2009
KAY... this may seem a little out of point. But seriously, i think this makes sense! (credits to me (: cos i posted it on my blog-.-)
This is what I think:
I think SYF CO CJ is not like NAC- NCMC. We don't compete with anyone. We compete with ourselves. In the end, you don't get GWH not because another school got it, and there's only one GWH place, but because your standard is really not there yet. You are competing with yourself to do better and get what you want to get. What other schools get will not really affect what we will get.
That is why this is called a CENTRAL JUDGING. Not a COMPETITION. SYF is somewhat like a mark to tell ourselves where our standard roughly is. Try not to think of it as competition against other schools, but a performance at its best, only it is graded. It is in a way a stop for all the COs to stay on track (standard). If you had sth higher the last time round, it's a wake up call for you to buck up. To maintain the standard and not let it drop even more.
That is what SYF CO CJ is for.

maybe other people have said this or whatever, but i only thought of SYF in this way a few hours ago while CO blog surfing (: (and watching horror movie at the same time >< -BUT that's besides the point XD)

-WISELY weasel

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