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Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Hello fellow YQPees,

below are the dates for joint rehearsals and actual performances for our 华艺 performance in february:

Practice and Rehearsal Dates:
1) 24th Jan 2010 (Sun): 3pm
2) 30th Jan 2010 (Sat): 2pm to 6pm
3) 31st Jan 2010 (Sun): 2pm to 6pm
4) 6th Feb 2010 (Sat) : ON STANDBY**
5) 7th Feb 2010 (Sun): 10am to 6pm (Full Rehearsal)
6) 21st Feb 2010 (Sun): 10am to 6pm (Final Rehearsal)

Venue: Siglap South Community Centre (TBA, but is confirmed for the practice on 24th Jan)

Performance Dates:
22nd Feb to 25th Feb, 7.30pm to 10.30pm

Venue: Esplanade

Please inform me about the dates that you are not able to make it by emailing me at: by 10pm today (19th Jan 2010).
If i don't get a reply from you then it is assumed that you are able to make it for all practices.

Please note that the above practice and rehearsal dates refer to the joint practices with other performing groups in this event. We will still be practising this in sectionals, and if needed, we may have to add practices closer to the performance dates (depends on our standard, so please work hard so that there is no need for additional practices).

Other Announcements
There will not be morning circle in the morning tomorrow (20th Jan).

There IS lunch practice during lunch @ 9.45am tomorrow. Please do not be late. Those who have other commitments during lunch eg. OM, oral presentation or whatsover, you are STILL REQUIRED TO COME for the first half of lunch. Afterwards you may leave to attend to your matters.
Nobody should skip tomorrow's lunch practice.
Come down with your scores and sticks.

From your SLs

Siao-ed 7:46 PM


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