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Saturday, May 15, 2010

When I visited some of you at guzheng rehearsal today it just dawned on me that I've graduated from NYCO for a pretty long time already! o:

Anyway, I hope you all are coping well with NYCO concert preparations! I know it's really pressurising to prepare rather difficult pieces in such a short time. So as the clock counts down to 17 July, what are you thinking about? Are you concerned about your academics? Or how tiring school life is? Or how you're going to get your insanely difficult parts right in 2 months' time?

Well if you're feeling worried or stressed (which I assume you are by now :P), just remember not to wear yourself out the wrong way. For my CO experience at least, I thought it was pretty important to have mental stamina simply because the journey was a long one. It's not like a sports CCA where you can relax after competitions. Learning music is a lot about consistency.

I know this is really old (especially from me), but this concert is not going to be just for the audience, just for Mrs Ee or just for NYCO. This concert is going to be about you. Think about how many people are going to support your performance, and how many people have their greatest faith and trust in you. You play a role that affects Mrs Ee, your sectionmates, your CO mates and your seniors who can't wait to watch the concert. Does that make you want to put up a show that will amaze everyone even more?

I hope you all will think about how to make these last 2 months matter. The road shouldn't and isn't going to be easy. You'll only feel proud of your efforts if you put in a LOT of time and dedication. It's never about who's clever or talented, but who pushes herself the furthest.

With this, jiayou for NYCO Concert 2010! The seniors are excited to watch/perform as alumni. (:


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