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Sunday, January 23, 2011
AS you all know, cny performance is approaching in about a week's time. I understand that we only received our score like a month ago, but that doesn't mean it is gonna be the excuse for not being able to play to the standard. Even ET assured us that we'll be able to play it well by CNY provided that we're willing to put in the effort!
Here are just some things to note:

So far i belive not everyone of us can perfect ourselves to 100% aiming of the gu bian right? So that is why there seem to be not much a difference between the gu bian and the centre. but you've got to keep in mind that we need to "hype" up the atmosphere of the piece esp the gu solo and our gu bian needs to be significantly SHARP. It may seem impossible for us to get it perfect by next week but at least put in the effort to? :D

you may think that taifeng makes you look ridiculous on stage but let me tell you, without taifeng, you will look more ridiculous and ugly. It gives the audience this super labourious feeling even though the sound may be good but they don't see you move. You guys will all look like scarecrows on stage! @_@ And another point to note is that taifeng is not to do it on purpose. It is this bounce effect that is exerted/ transferred onto your stick when you hit the gu and you draw the sound out xD gawd... told ya it was all about physics x.x and the stage is HUGE! compared to your teeny tiny movements, no one can see it, neither can they even notice your existence O: So i'll be working with you guys somewhere on wed lunch xD MEANWHILE PRAC IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR! and b the way, we're right smack in the middle so everyone can actually see us xD

3)we gotta play together!!
If we don't play together, it will just sound like a mess and you all know tht hall is really big and echoy so it will sound really disgusting and we will all loss that coolio and awesome effect there. The main focus of this piece is drums, so if we don't play it together and properly why don't just let one person play and loss all it's "woa" factor? So please, look out for one another when you play and don't just go on on your own and be absorbed in your own world. Percussion is meant to sound like one, played as one, heard as one so let's strive to make that happen :D Oh yes, do rmb to look at me when you play and don't stare too hard and you gu like as if a genie can pop out, or else we would never be together you see xP

KK... yeah... end of my quite long (?) post xD hope you guys read through it and not skip a few xP jiayou! we can do it :D

~Hongying lalalala

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